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Boppy® Tummy Play® Pads Greeting

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Boppy® Tummy Play® Pads Fab Features

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    • SlideLine® Toy Adjustment System:

      Patent pending SlideLine® allows toys to be perfectly positioned for baby’s entertainment.

    • Mini Boppy® Pillow:

      Includes America’s #1 Baby Product in a mini size.

    • Three Toys:

      Adorable toys for tummy time fun.

    • Available in two fashions:

      Choose from the blue and green Stripe n’ Dot or the pink and green Daisy Dot!

    • Award Winning:

      Winner of the coveted Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA) Seal of Approval.


Boppy® Tummy Play® Pads Baby’s Development

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    • Adjustable Toys:

      Toys move along the SlideLine® ring so they can be positioned perfectly for baby’s enjoyment.

    • Mini Boppy® Pillow for Support:

      Pediatricians recommend 30 minutes of supervised tummy time daily. The mini Boppy® pillow is perfect for playtime support.

    • Oversized Play Pad:

      Oversized 29” x 32” pad offers plenty of room to stretch, scooch and roll.


Boppy® Tummy Play® Pads What Parents Think

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    • Great for tummy time!:

      "This is a really great product for tummy time. Even for a little guy that is not a fan of tummy time, the mini Boppy pillow keeps him propped up and happy. The mat is really big, and comes with cute toys. I love the colors and design, it’s very cute."

      (CA Mommy)

    • Supportive mini Boppy pillow!:

      "This item is absolutely perfect for baby! Propping her up on the mini Boppy pillow while we do tummy time helps give the lift she needs. The brightly colored toys are fixating, and she loves the crinkle sounds."

      (SC Mom “Lindsey M.")

    • Baby enjoys toys!:

      "I was totally shocked when baby laid on the mini Boppy pillow and played with the toys. He really likes the crinkly sounds the toys make, the ball and the teether. I can definitely see this becoming a daily event."


    • Definitely worth buying!:

      "This is an excellent pad that is an easy way to help your baby enjoy tummy time and lessen the fussing and crying. It is very durable and worth buying. Would I buy it for a baby shower gift? You betcha!"

      (D. Fowler)

    • A great baby shower gift!:

      "The Slideline toys are wonderful to keep baby’s attention and the colors are great. Small, portable, easy to clean, brightly colored, and not over priced. I recommend it as a baby shower gift for sure!"



Boppy® Tummy Play® Pads How it Works

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Boppy® Tummy Play® Pads Snapshots

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