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De'Longhi Adjustable Wide Slot Toaster Intro

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De'Longhi Adjustable Wide Slot Toaster Features

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    • Adjustable Width Slot:

      Can accommodate baguettes, panini, croissants, ciabatta and bagels. Manually adjust toasting slot to fit thinner piece of bread.

    • Sandwich Cage with Tongs:

      Allows toasting of sandwiches for warm and crispy results.  Easily and safely remove food with included plastic tongs.

    • Two Temperature Settings:

      High setting for standard, crisp toasting and low setting for delicate warming cycle 

    • Bagel Button:

      Allows for single-sided toasting for perfect bagels every time. 

    • Extra Large Crumb Tray:

      For quick and easy clean-up.

    • Variable Browning Control:

      Allows you to customize your toasting with 10 settings.

    • Cord Storage:

      Keeps countertops clutter free.

    • Brushed Aluminum Body:

      With no-print finish.

    • 16 Recipe Cards Included:

      To get you started on your way to delicious sandwiches and much more.


De'Longhi Adjustable Wide Slot Toaster Instructions

  • Place toaster on level surface.

    Place the toaster on a flat, level surface before you begin toasting.  Then plug unit into a nearby outlet.

  • Set variable control.

    Set the variable control to the toasting level you desire.

  • To toast a sandwich, choose the low setting.

    Place your sandwich in the sandwich cage (included), and select the low temperature setting.  Then place the sandwich cage inside toaster.   

  • Adjust the toast slot accordingly.

    Adjust the toast slot to fit the width of the food item.

  • To toast bread, use the high setting.

    To toast just bread and not a sandwich, use the high setting.

  • To toast a bagel, use the bagel button.

    Bagel function allows you to use one-sided toasting, for perfectly toasted bagels every time.

  • To interrupt toasting, push cancel button.

    To interrupt the toasting cycle, simply press the cancel button.

  • To clean, simply remove crumb tray.

    Crumb tray allows you to quickly and eaily clean the toaster.

  • Use cord wrap for easy storage.

    If you would like to store your toaster or just keep your counter neat, simply use the cord wrap on the base of the toaster.


De'Longhi Adjustable Wide Slot Toaster Specs

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    • Unit Size: 5.91"W x 13.58"D x 9.06"H

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    • Unit Weight: 5.4 lbs.

  • Specification 4

    • Wattage:  800


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