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De'Longhi Hand Blender DHB718 Intro

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De'Longhi Hand Blender DHB718 Features

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    • Unique Triblade Design:

      The first hand blender with 3 blades provides powerful, efficient and splash-free blending at the touch of a button.

    • 16-Ounce Chopper Attachment:

      Perfect for mincing and chopping.

    • 24-Ounce Beaker with Lid:

      Perfect for blending smoothies, milkshakes and energy drinks!

    • Balloon Whisk:

      Ideal for creams, mousses and egg whites.

    • Pulse or Continuous Action:

      Easy one hand operation with push button control for pulse or continuous blending.

    • Ergonomic Grip:

      Comfortable and easy blending with the ergonomic grip.

    • Stainless Steel Blades:

      Durable and long lasting stainless steel blades.

    • Dishwasher-Safe Parts:

      Makes cleanup quick and simple.


De'Longhi Hand Blender DHB718 Instructions

  • Place the unit on a level surface.

    Plug the unit in. 

  • Press button for pulse or continuous action.

    Easy push button control.

  • Optional: Attach the chopper accessory

    Sharp metal blades easily chop vegetables, herbs and nuts.  Rubber base can be used as a lid for storage.

  • Optional: Use the beaker accessory

    Allows you to easily blend a fruit smoothie, energy drink or delicious milkshake.  Lid included for storage.

  • Optional: Attach the whisk accessory

    Use the whisk to whip egg whites, creams and mousses.

  • Disassemble parts for easy cleaning.

    Parts are dishwasher-safe.


De'Longhi Hand Blender DHB718 Specs

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      Unit Size: 2.68” W x 2.68” D x 15.67” H


      Unit Weight: 2.71 lbs


      Wattage: 380






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