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De'Longhi Food Processor DFP950 Intro

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De'Longhi Food Processor DFP950 Features

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    • 50-Ounce Blender:

      Double function food processor also includes a 50-ounce blender attachment.

    • Weighing Tray:

      Easily weigh food directly in the bowl or on included weighing tray with the built-in scale. Scale includes tare function for continuous weighing.

    • Multi-Task with Various Accessories:

      Multi-task with one product with serrated stainless steel chopping blade, twin geared metal whisk, dough tool, stainless steel thick slice/shred disc and stainless steel fine slice/shred disc.

    • Easy-to-Use Digital Display:

      View weight in pounds or kilograms and reset weight to zero. 

    • Unique Dual Drive System:

      Conveniently adjusts rotation and power to accommodate the different speeds needed for both food processor and blender.

    • Interlocking Safety System:

      Safely stops motor when both lid and base are not locked in place.

    • Variable Speeds with Pulse:

      Allows you to adjust the food processor to accommodate different types of recipes and food.

    • Convenient Cord Storage:

      Leaves countertops clutter-free.

    • Dishwasher-Safe Parts:

      Makes the food processor easy-to-clean.


De'Longhi Food Processor DFP950 Instructions

  • Place the unit on a level surface.

    Plug the unit in. 

  • Place the bowl on top of food processor.

    Once the bowl is in place, add your ingredients and use the appropriate attachment (chopping blade, whisk, dough tool, thick slice/shred disc or thin slice/shred disc).

  • Adjust food processor to accommodate different recipes

    With variable speeds and pulse.

  • Optional: Lock blender into place.

    With the unique dual drive system, it will automatically adjust to a different speed.

  • Optional: View weight in pounds or kilograms.

    You can also reset weight to zero with the easy-to-use digital display.  Built-in scale includes tare function for continuous weighing.

  • Place parts in dishwasher.

    For quick and easy cleaning.


De'Longhi Food Processor DFP950 Specs

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    • Unit Size: 9.84” W x 8.66” D x 15.35” H


      Unit Weight: 11.02 lbs


      Wattage: 600


      Capacity: 12-cups




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