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James Hardie Siding Products Features

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    • Low Maintenance Color:

      ColorPlus Technology combines a process, perfect factory conditions and paint designed specifically for our products.

      You don't have to paint the boards after they're installed, and maintenance will be low due to the thickness, evenness and long lasting nature of the finish.

      Multiple colors available.

    • Resistant to Pests:

      Termits, squirrels and woodpeckers can damage wood and vinyl siding. If you have James Hardie materials on your home you can rest assured you have products that are going to stand up to the pesky critters.

    • Holds Up Against the Elements:

      High wind, precipitation, hail…all effects of summer or winter stroms. James Hardie products stand up against repetitive rough weather for a strong, longer lasting exterior - year after year.

    • Board Thickness:

      James Hardie siding is 5x thicker than vinyl, offering greater strength and durability.

    • Complete Exterior: Multi-Product Solution:

      It’s a full wrap solution: wrap, siding products, trim, soffit and fascia.

      Get the most out of the durability and low maintenance offered by Hardie products: same paint adhesion, aesthetic, quality, and of course warranty.

    • Engineered to Last:

      Only James Hardie products come engineered for climate. What does this mean? It means that the products in your store are designed to perform in the weather climates specific to your area. Siding, trim, wrap and soffit are engineered for climate so you (and your exterior) are covered.

    • The Best Product Warranty:

      Thirty (30) years, non-prorated. This means 100% coverage over the span of the warranty. Many competitors offer warranties for a longer period of time, but with dissipating coverage.

      Complete Vertical Siding Warranty - North
      Complete Vertical Siding Warranty - South

      Complete Lap Siding Warranty - North
      Complete Lap Siding Warranty - South

      Complete Shingle Siding Warranty - North
      Complete Shingle Siding Warranty - South

    • The Best Finish Warranty:

      James Hardie ColorPlus Technology products come with a 15 year finish warranty. ColorPlus products resist chipping, cracking and peeling.

      Complete Finish Warranty

    • Sustainability:

      Longer lasting materials not only require fewer resources for replacement but also reduce maintenance and repair costs; this is inherently sustainable. However our siding products have several LEED certifications and are considered to be "green and sustainable" by industry professionals.


James Hardie Siding Products Siding Types

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James Hardie Siding Products Video

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James Hardie Siding Products Siding Colors

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James Hardie Siding Products Hardie vs Engineered Wood

  • Specification 1


    • James Hardie Siding

    • OSB / Engineered Wood

  • Specification 2

    • Composition

    • 90% Portland cement & sand
      10% cellulose fiber, additives, water

    • Small strands of wood fibers with a paper facing
      Risk: less durability due to primary wood base

  • Specification 3

    • Dimensional Stability

    • No gap needed during installation as there is much less movement than wood based products.

    • 3/16" gap required to account for movement due to water retention
      Risk: potential for unsightly joints and corners

  • Specification 4

    • Substrate Durability

    • Resists damage from termites and other pests, rot and harsh weather conditions

    • Susceptible to damage from pests, rot and mold due to the makeup of the substrate
      Risk: increased liklihood of need for replacing the siding

  • Specification 5

    • Climate Durability

    • James Hardie products are engineered for climate, meaning they are enhanced to withstand the harsh weather trends of your area

    • OSB products are not designed for freezing, high wind or high heat climates
      Risk: increased liklihood of need for replacing siding

  • Specification 6

    • Paint Application

    • ColorPlus Technology process provides multiple coat application in the factory where conditions are perfect for painting
      Also: single source accountability

    • Field applications can be inconsistent and 3rd party finishing is not tailored for the boards
      Risks: uneven finish, likelihood for re-painting and no accountability

  • Specification 7

    • Paint Quality

    • ColorPlus colors were designed specifically for James Hardie fiber cement products for consistency and quality aesthetic

    • Field applied paint and third party finishes are not designed to fit the substrate
      Risk: higher maintenance due to need for touchups or re-painting

  • Specification 8

    • Paint Adhesion

    • Because of its composition and minimal movement, siding products will hold paint longer than the alternatives

    • Expanding and contracting reduces the longevity of the finish
      Risk: increased need for re-painting

  • Specification 9

    • Coverage

    • 30 year non-prorated warranty, ensuring 100% coverage for the entire 30 years, and a 15 year finish warranty

    • 50 year limited warranty
      Risk: less coverage as time goes by


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