Eureka - Eureka® WhirlWind® Compact Bagless Upright 470AZ Product Demo

Eureka® WhirlWind® Compact Bagless Upright 470AZ Features

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    • Quick Draw Wand:

      The Quick Draw Wand reaches up high to clean ceiling fans and crown molding or down low to clean baseboards where dust and pet hair collect. When not in use, it sits conveniently in the handle for compact storage.

    • Tough Enough for Pet Owners:

      The PET Power Paw® removes pet hair from carpet and upholstery! Plastic teeth loosen it, rubber strip grabs it and bristles remove it.

    • Multi-Surface Cleaning:

      Turn the brushroll on for more efficient cleaning on carpeted floors and area rugs. To prevent dirt and debris scattering while cleaning bare floors, turn the brushroll off. Plus, pick up messes on any floor type faster with the 12 inch wide cleaning path.

    • 35 Feet of Extended Reach:

      A 25 foot cord and a 10 foot hose and wand combine for 35 feet of extended cleaning reach.

    • Comfort-Grip Looped Handle:

      Comfort-grip looped handle offers a comfortable clean.

    • Washable Dust Cup Filter:

      Lessen waste by washing and reusing the allergy-reducing filter.

    • Flip-Bottom Dust Cup:

      Dispose of dust and dirt easily in one no-hassle quick flip.

    • WhirlWind® Cyclonic Technology:

      WhirlWind® Cyclonic Technology maintains suction power as you vacuum your home.*

      *When compared to conventional bagged and single stage cyclonic vacuums having dirt cup filters.

    • Clear View Brushroll Window:

      The clear view brushroll window allows you to see the brushroll in action on carpeted surfaces.


Eureka® WhirlWind® Compact Bagless Upright 470AZ Specs

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Eureka® WhirlWind® Compact Bagless Upright 470AZ Maintenance

  • Each Use

    Empty dust cup after each use or when it reaches maximum fill line.

  • Regularly

    Clean filter (DCF-21 Filter) regularly to maintain suction. Air dry thoroughly before replacing.

    Replace every 6 months. Excessively dirty filters will lead to motor noise, clogging and premature motor failure.

  • As Needed

    (1) Clean brushroll to remove any debris such as hair or strings that have been vacuumed. By cleaning the brushroll it will help prolong the life of the belt and help with dirt pick-up. (2) Wipe outer case with a dry soft cloth.


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