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Plantronics Discovery® 975 Video

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Plantronics Discovery® 975 Features

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    • Noise Canceling:

      AudioIQ2® technology cancels noise, preserves your natural voice quality and provides you with clear calls at comfortable listening levels.

    • Wind Noise Protection:

      WindSmart® technology uses grooved vents and an acoustic fabric to deflect wind off the mics and electronic filters to digitally remove wind noise from your conversation. 

    • Charging On-the-Go:

      Rechargeable case can triple talk/standby times and displays connection status and battery levels of earpiece and case

    • Comfort & Convenience:

      Patented gel eartip provides a stable, comfortable fit and is designed for quick on/off wearing.

      Convenient battery and mute status alerts are automatically whispered in your ear during calls so you know when it's time to recharge and if you've activated the call mute feature.


Plantronics Discovery® 975 360/Zoom

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Plantronics Discovery® 975 Getting Started

  • Pairing

    WIth our QuickPair technology, your earpiece automatically enters pairing mode when you first turn it on. Pairing to a Bluetooth phone is easy:

    1. Turn on your phone's Bluetooth feature

    2. Turn on your new earpiece

    3. Use the commands on your phone to locate the earpiece. Select "9xxPlantronics" and enter 0000 if your phone asks for a PIN code.

  • Charging

    It takes 1.5 hours to fully charge your new earpiece or case using the AC wall charger. While charging, the indicator light on earpiece will slowly flash red and the LED battery icon on the case will flash.

    To recharge the earpiece using the fully charged case, simply insert the earpeice into the case. The LED on the case will advise current battery level and flash until fully charged.

  • Fitting Eartip

    The silicone gel eartip has a flexible loop designed specifically to tuck into the countours of your ear for a stable fit.

    Adjusting the fit is easy:

    1. Holding the mic boom, insert earpiece and position the gel loop of eartip where it securely fits your ear.

    2. If necessary, gently rotate the mic boom to point towards your mouth - the eartip should remain in position while the earpiece rotates.

    If the gel loop of the medium eartip doesn't fit  simply try the small or large eartip (in the box).

  • Calling

    Two simple buttons make it easy to make or take calls, adjust volume levels or use the call mute feature.


Plantronics Discovery® 975 Specs

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    • Talk Time

      Standby Time


      Wearing Style

      AudioIQ2® Technology 


      WindSmart® Technology


      Voice Prompts


      Earpiece Controls




      Charging Case with Strap


      Battery Type

    • Up to 5 hours from one charge

      Up to 1 week from one charge

      8 grams

      In the ear with mic boom

      Two omni-directional microphones
      Active Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
      Internal, adaptive 20-band equalizer
      Acoustic echo cancellation
      Grooved vents to deflect wind from mics
      Acoustic fabric for shielding
      Electronic filters in microphone circuitry

      Mute status on/off
      Battery alert for low battery and recharge battery
      Lost connection alert when outside Bluetooth range
      Power on/off
      Volume up/down
      Call answer/end
      Mute on/off
      Quick battery check
      Last number redial (if phone supports)
      Voice-activated dialing (if phone supports)

      Liquid crystal display (LCD): Earpiece battery level;
      rechargeable case battery level; Bluetooth connection

      Version 2.1 + Enhanced Data Rate (EDR)+ eSCO
      Supports Secure Simple Pairing (SSP)
      Profiles: Hands-free v1.5 (HFP), Headset v1.1 (HSP)
      Range: Up to 33 feet
      Li-on polymer rechargeable in earpiece and case





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