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Whirlpool Upright Fabric Freshener Features

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    • Fresh and Ready to Wear:

      Cooking odors, secondhand smoke or just being left in a drawer too long can cause closets to lose their freshness. The Fabric Freshener, a time-saving, economical alternative to dry cleaning or rewashing, uses steam to break down and remove odors. Just use distilled water.

    • Relaxes Wrinkles:

      Even a nicely pressed outfit can become wrinkled in a packed closet, a suitcase or after a one-time wear. The Fabric Freshener offers hands-free, immersive steam to bring clothes back to their ready-to-wear state in just over half an hour.

    • Ease of Use:

      The Fabric Freshner system allows for quick set up with a hands-free/single button operation. Uses distilled water only, no need for special chemicals.

    • 4 Cycle Options:

      Heavy Duty Cycle

      • Cotton
      • Cotton Blend

      Normal Cycle

      • Wool
      • Sweaters
      • Easy Care Garments

      Delicate Cycle

      • Silk
      • Rayon
      • Polyester

      Dry Cycle

      • Use no water for a gentle drying
    • How It Works:

      When odors infuse a garment, they form a link to the fabric. Immersive steam, heat and air movement combine to break this link. Once the link is broken, odors like tobacco smoke, food, perfume and pet smells vanish, so you don't have to rewash. The steam also helps to relax the wrinkles in fibers, allowing the fabric's "memory" to return the garment to its ready-to-wear state.  The result- fabrics are fresh again!

    • Convenience:

      The entire system is collapsible and portable and is compact enough to fit in your closet. The system also features an easy-carry handle.


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