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Right Height Bath Center Features

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    • Newborn Bath Sling:

      The newborn bath sling keeps your baby comfortable with its contoured shape and beaded body support. The machine-washable sling clips on both sides of the tub to cradle newborns and can be angled for added support as your baby grows.

    • Large Tub for Growing Babies:

      The large tub will grow with your newborn for lasting use. The versatile design eliminates the need for new tubs as your little one gets bigger or as your family grows. 

    • Secure Bathing:

      The no-slip gripper feet help prevent the bath from tipping over. Locking tabs on each piece ensure a snug and safe fit between the tub and base.

    • Versatile Platform:

      The sturdy hard plastic base raises your baby to your level, making it easier to bathe your little one. Parents can also use the platform as a seat when sitting beside the tub to bathe baby. As your baby grows, the base can be used as a convenient and sturdy stepstool.


Right Height Bath Center 360° Video

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