Summer Infant - Connect Plus Internet Monitoring System Product Demo

Connect Plus Internet Monitoring System Features

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    • Easy 1-2-3- Plug & Play Setup!:

      The first plug & play baby internet monitor that doesn't require any software or fees. It's designed specifically for a frustration free set-up. When you see a blinking green light, the connection is made! 

    • In-home Handheld Monitor:

      In-home handheld color video for continuous and overnight monitoring, rechargeable battery for convenience and portability, with a range up to 400 feet.

    • Free APP for Smartphones:

      View on smartphones, tablets and laptops in-home or away via the free APP for Apple, Android and Blackberry devices.

    • Secure Digital Connection:

      Secure digital connection and login is bank level secure for 100% privacy. Features 2.4 GHz digital technology for a completely private and secure internet set-up. 

    • 2.5" Color LCD Video:

      The handheld monitor features a 2.5” color LCD video display for daytime monitoring and automatic black and white night vision for overnight, providing parents peace of mind day and night.

    • Share with Friends & Family:

      Share your unique user name and password with family so they can utilize the internet viewable website to "connect" from anywhere in the world!


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