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Classen® Stand-Aer® SA-25 Aerator (CLD) Intro

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Classen® Stand-Aer® SA-25 Aerator (CLD) Performance

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    • Stand-Aer® Technology:

      Stand-Aer® technology permits operator to steer, turn, and aerate non-stop without raising tines out of the ground.

    • Hydrostatic Drive:

      Delivers a smooth, consistent power flow.

    • Power-Reverse:

      Makes it easy to maneuver in tight spaces, and when transporting to and from the job.

    • Productivity:

      Aerate 414 ft. per minute. You can cover up to 50,407 sq. ft per hour.

    • Maneuverability:

      24” turning radius when aerating. Zero turn radius when tines are not in use.

    • Rear Wheels:

      Special design rear wheels (with raise and lower feature) prevent tipping backwards and offer ease in loading.

    • No-Flat Foam Filled Tires:

      Front swivel and rear drive tires

    • Warranty:

      2-year warranty for commercial use. Engines manufacturer warranty applies.


Classen® Stand-Aer® SA-25 Aerator (CLD) Operation

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    • Throttle Control:

      Tine and tire drive with separate throttle control.

    • Tine Deployment:

      Hydraulically raise and lower tines.

    • Turning:

      Zero turning radius (when tines are not in use).


Classen® Stand-Aer® SA-25 Aerator (CLD) Models

Dimensions 51.5" H x 36 " W x 55 " L
Dry Weight 880 lbs.
Aerating Width 24.375" and fits through 36" gate
Coverage 50,407 sq. ft. per hour
Tines 36 tines with coring depth up to 3" and hole pattern of 4.06" x 7"
Engine Honda® GX390


Classen® Stand-Aer® SA-25 Aerator (CLD) Gallery

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