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Samsung Four-Door Refrigerator RF4267 Intro

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Samsung Four-Door Refrigerator RF4267 Features

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    • Attractive Design / Capacity:

      Bigger on the inside, but not the outside! Enjoy the largest capacity 33” wide refrigerator available without the actual refrigerator taking too much room in the kitchen. This Samsung refrigerator is a beautiful addition to your kitchen inside and out. As the largest refrigerator in its class, you can fit more groceries inside and therefore make fewer trips to the grocery store. This refrigerator’s innovative design is based off our highly successful 4-door refrigerator, but can fit into smaller kitchens easily.

    • FlexZone™ Drawer:

      Help keep your food and family organized with the FlexZone Drawer. Conveniently placed at counter-level height, this independent mid-drawer will be your kid’s favorite spot. An adjustable Smart Divider creates four flexible-size compartments so that you can keep it perfectly organized according to your family’s needs. Use this drawer for frequently-used items, and for everything else, simply organize and sort items whether by preference in food type and more. Four customizable temperature settings keep stored items at their perfect temperatures – meats at 29 degrees F, cold drinks at 33 degrees F, deli/snacks at 37 degrees F and party dishes at 42 degrees F.

    • Twin Cooling Plus® System:

      A higher humidity level helps keep fruits and veggies fresher longer. Freezer levels are kept low, so frozen foods don't suffer freezer burn. Samsung Twin Cooling Plus keeps the fridge cool at a remarkable 75 percent level, compared to conventional brands at 17 percent. It's a professional-grade system for any kitchen.

    • Wide Display and Tall Dispenser:

      This Samsung LED touch display dispenser boasts a uniquely tall opening, so that you can fill pitchers and oversized glasses with filtered water from the dispenser. No matter what you're drinking or pouring from, it's all right there at your fingertips.

    • EZ-Open™ Handle:

      This handle allows for easy opening and closing of a fully loaded freezer and FlexZone™ Drawer. Simply lift up the handle slightly and pull out the drawer easily. No more pulling and tugging to get access to your favorite foods.


      A refrigerator is normally the most energy-consuming appliance in your home, but this ENERGY STAR-approved refrigerator, can actually save you money. High-efficiency compressors, improved insulation and more precise temperature and defrost mechanisms improve energy efficiency and therefore lower your energy bills. A door alarm prevents food spoilage and further lowers energy bills by alerting you if the door has been accidentally left open.


Samsung Four-Door Refrigerator RF4267 Specs

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    • RF4267 Four-Door Refrigerator


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    • Features

    • ∙ 33 inch wide
      ∙ Large Capacity – 26 cu. ft.
      ∙ Premium External Filtered Water and Ice Dispenser
      ∙ FlexZone Drawer™ with Temperature Control and SmartDivider™
      ∙ LED Lighting
      ∙ Twin Cooling Plus System®
      ∙ Surround Air Flow
      ∙ Power Freeze and Power Cool Options
      ∙ Two Humidity Controlled Cripsers
      ∙ Tempered Glass Spill Proof Shelves
      ∙ Gallon Door Bins
      ∙ EZ-Open Handle™ on Freezer Door and FlexZone™ Drawer
      ∙ Stainless Steel Accents on Interior Shelving and Door Bins
      ∙ Auto Pull Out Clear Upper Freezer Drawer

  • Specification 3

    • Convenience

    • ∙ Cool Tight Door
      ∙ Door Alarm
      ∙ Water Filter Indicator
      ∙ Pizza Pocket
      ∙ Mid Drawer with 4 Temperature Settings

  • Specification 4


    • Rated CEE Tier 1: More Efficient
      515 kWh / year

  • Specification 5

    • Colors

    • Stainless Steel

  • Specification 6

    • Refrigerator: 14.9 cu. ft.

    • • Premium External Filtered Water and Ice Dispenser
      -Crushed or Cubed Ice
      • Surround Air Flow
      • 2 Humidity Controlled Crispers
      • 5 Tempered Glass Spill Proof Shelves
      • Right Door: 2 Gallon Bins and 1 Door Bin
      • Left Door: 3 Door Bin
      • LED Lighting

  • Specification 7

    • FlexZone™: 3.5 cu. ft.

    • • EZ-Open Handle™
      • 4 Temperature Zones with Smart Dividers:
      -Meats / Fish (29°F)
      -Cold Drinks (33°F)
      -Deli / Snacks (37°F)
      -Wine / Party Dishes (42°F)

  • Specification 8

    • Freezer: 7.1 cu. ft.

    • • EZ-Open Handle™
      • 1 Drawer Divider
      • LED Lighting

  • Specification 9

    • Product Dimensions and Weight

    • Dimensions: (WxHxD) 32 13/16" x 69 3/4" x 33 3/4"
      Weight: 324 lbs / 147 kg

  • Specification 10

    • Shipping Dimensions and Weight

    • Dimensions: (WxHxD) 35 1/4" x 75 3/4" x 36 1/4"
      Weight: 355 lbs / 161 kg

  • Specification 11

    • Limited Warranty

    • One (1) Year All Parts and Labor
      Five (5) Years Sealed System Parts and Labor


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