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Graco Ultra Clear™ Intro

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Graco Ultra Clear™ Features

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    • Exclusive Graco Vibration Notification Technology:

      Alerts you to your baby’s call when you can’t hear it.

    • Crystal Clear Sound with Sound Lights:

      keeps you and baby connected.

    • Ambient Nightlight:

      illuminates the nursery so you can check in on baby without disturbing his slumber.

    • 49MHZ Technology:

      offers adjustable channel settings for clear connection.

    • 600 Foot Range:

      600 foot range for household coverage.

    • Two Parent Units and One Nursery Unit:

      help parents in different rooms stay in touch with baby.


    • Low Battery Alarm:

      reminds you when the parent unit needs to be charged, so won’t lose power unexpectedly.

    • Belt Clip:

      gives active parents "wear it with you" convenience.


Graco Ultra Clear™ How to Select a Monitor

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Graco Ultra Clear™ Compare Monitors

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