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ReliaBilt Replacement Products Introduction

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ReliaBilt Replacement Products Features

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    • Beveled Exterior:

      Offers attractive appearance

      *Also available on the Series 3500

    • Push Button Night Vents:

      Positioned on the top sash of the window, push button night vents only allow sashes to open for optimum and secure night time ventilation. When not in use night vents are tucked in and flush with the sash.

      *Also available on the Series 3500

    • Grid Options:

      5/8" & 1" contoured grid
      5/8" & 3/4" flat grid

      *Also available on the Series 3500

    • Insulated Glass Panels:

      Optimal thermal airspace featuring warm-edge spacer system


    • Operable Sashes:

      Both sashes operate and tilt in for easy cleaning

      *Also available on the Series 3500

    • Constant Force Coil Balance Sash Operation System:

      The constant force coil balance system is in the side jambs of a single or double-hung window and helps open and support the weight of the sash.

      *Also available on the Series 3500

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    • Additional Security:

      2 locks on windows with 27-1/4 in. or greater widths

    • Installed Half Screen:

      Ventilates nicely

    • Glass Breakage Warranty:

      25 year Glass Breakage Warranty is included, Lifetime available

      View Full Warranty PDF

    • Several High Performance Glass Options:

      Available for glass, interior and exterior finish and grid selections

    • Flat and Contoured Grid:


    • Aluminum Charcoal Mesh Screen:



ReliaBilt Replacement Products Energy Savings

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ReliaBilt Replacement Products Gallery

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ReliaBilt Replacement Products Installation

  • How to Measure and Install Vinyl Windows
  • Measure the Width

    Measure between the jambs at 3 points. Measure at top, middle and bottom of window opening.

    Measure from the surface of the jambs, not from the trim strips or parting beads in your old window opening.

    Use the SMALLEST of these three width measurements to order the window.

  • Measure the Height

    Measure from the high point of the sill of your window (the surface closest to the inside of the window) to the top of the window opening.

    Make 3 measurements: one at the left side, one at the center, and one at the right side of the window.

    Use the SMALLEST of these three height measurements to order the window.

  • Removal of Existing Wood Window

    Carefully remove all inside trim or stops (you will reuse this material).

    Clean opening thoroughly and verify integrity of existing wood (replace damaged or rotten components as necessary).

  • Apply Sealant

    Apply a discontinuous bead of sealant to the bottom of the sill angle at two location (this allows water to "weep" away from the window) and place on sill.

  • Apply Sealant

    Apply a bead of sealant to the interior of the exterior stop and to the exterior edge of the stool.

  • Apply Sealant

    Set new vinyl window in opening. Then, apply a bead of sealant to interior face of window.

  • Install Screws and Adjust Jamb

    Unlock and raise bottom sash and bottom sash stops. Install screws into pre-drilled installation holes. DO NOT over-tighten screws.

    The jamb adjustment grommet screws are located in both side jambs of the window.

    With a Phillips head screwdriver, turning the screws in a clockwise direction will cause the jamb to "pull" toward the center of the window. This adjustment is necessary to give a closer and even alignment between the sides of the sashes and the jambs, and to ensure proper sash operation.

    The distance between the operating sashes and the jambs of the window should not exceed 1/16 in.

  • Check for Square

    Check window frame for square (measure diagonals) and adjust installation screws as necessary.

  • Replace Sashes and Check Alignment

    After making partial adjustment, replace the sashes, operate them and visually judge their alignments with the jambs.

    (Adjustment may have to be made several times until satisfactory performance is achieved. You may also make adjustments by loosening and tightening the previously installed jamb screws. In extreme cases the old window opening might be badly "bowed." If the adjustments do not solve this problem, wood shims will have to be used between the rough opening and the replacement window jambs. If the top head expander is used, adjust it up against the rough opening.)

  • Caulk the Perimeter

    Caulk around the entire perimeter of the window on the inside with paintable sealant.


ReliaBilt Replacement Products Product Compare

  Series 3100 Series 3201 Series 3500 Series 3900
Interior Wood Laminate (Light, Dark or Cherry) N/A N/A N/A optional
Exterior Bronze Laminate N/A N/A optional N/A
3/4 in. or 5/8 in. Colonial or Diamond Grid optional optional optional optional
5/8 in. or 1 in. Contoured Grid optional optional optional optional
1-1/8 in. Simulated Divided Lite N/A N/A N/A optional
Grooved Glass Patterns N/A N/A N/A optional
Leaded Glass with Brass Caming N/A N/A N/A optional
Almond, Dark Chocolate or Cherry Brass or Brushed Nickel Lock N/A N/A N/A optional
Warm-Edge Sealant System standard standard standard standard
Triple-pane, R-5 Compliant Glass with Super Spacer nXt™ N/A N/A N/A optional
Double Strength Glass optional optional optional optional
Low-E Gas optional optional optional optional
Low-E with Argon Gas optional optional optional optional
Ultra Low-E Argon Glass Package optional optional optional optional
Transferable, Limited Lifetime Warranty standard standard standard standard
Individually Registered Product Number standard standard standard standard
25-Year Glass Breakage Warranty N/A N/A standard N/A
Lifetime Glass Breakage Warranty optional optional optional standard
Locking Half Screen N/A N/A N/A optional
8 Painted Exterior Colors N/A N/A N/A optional


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