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Samsung Laundry WF520 and DV520 Intro

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Samsung Laundry WF520 and DV520 Features

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    • PowerFoam™:

      PowerFoam™ is an exclusive Samsung technology that creates a deep-cleaning foam that’s gentle on fabrics. PowerFoam washers fill the drum with foam – created from HE detergent, water, and air – during the wash cycle. Foam penetrates fabrics more deeply, thoroughly and quickly – up to 40 times faster* than detergent in other washers so you can confidently wash large and bulky loads like king-size comforters without worrying about dry spots or detergent stains.

      *Based on tests using AHAM HLW-I-2007 detergent standards.

    • Capacity:

      Our 4.3 cu. ft.* large capacity front-load washer (one of the largest in its class) fits up to 31 bath towels (24” x 44”), so you can wash more at once. You’ll be able to enjoy doing fewer laundry loads per week, freeing up time for the more important things in your life.

      *Measured as per Department of Energy.


    • Steam:

      Save time by skipping pre-treatments with Steam. Steam is injected right into the wash load to loosen stubborn stains like grease and ground-in dirt.

    • VRT Plus™:

      Vibration Reduction Technology Plus makes the washer so quiet, you can place it anywhere in your home, even your second floor. Special sensors keep the drum perfectly balanced even at high spin speeds, and noise is reduced by up to 40 percent compared to VRT™. Samsung was ranked among the quietest washers in its class*.

      *Tested by Owens Corning at maximum spin speeds.

    • PureCycle™:

      PureCycle removes 99.9% of dirt and detergent residue from the washer drum so you don’t have to. It also saves you money on cleaning supplies because PureCycle uses hot water – not harsh chemicals you purchase. The washer even alerts you when it's time for PureCycle.

    • Energy Efficient:

      This washer has earned the highest energy efficiency rating*. As a front-loader, this washer uses 65% less water than comparable top-loaders, so you can save on utility bills and feel good about running it. A front-loader also uses high spin speeds to wring out more water from fabrics so your dryer uses less time and energy to get them dry.

      *From ENERGY STAR® and the highest Tier 3 rating from the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE).

    • 13 Wash Cycles:

      This washer comes with 13 washing cycles to meet every family member’s washing needs. Includes Bedding, Deep Steam, Stain Away, Active Wear, Delicates/Hand Wash, Woolmark®-Certified Wool, Quick Wash, Rinse and Spin, Eco Cold Wash, Normal, Heavy Duty, Permanent Press and Sanitize.

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    • Steam Dry:

      Having Steam in your dryer is like having a dry cleaner right at home. On mornings when you don’t have time to iron, just pop in your clothes and use Steam Wrinkle Away to ease wrinkles from dress shirts and pants. And in between trips to the dry cleaner, use Steam Refresh to quickly steam out odors.

    • Woolmark®-Certified Wool Cycle:

      This dryer offers exceptional care for wools. It safely dries sweaters and other wool garments without shrinking them – saving you trips to the dry cleaner.

    • Sensor Dry:

      Get the perfect dry every time. Sensor Dry detects the moisture level in your clothes and automatically adjusts drying time accordingly, so your clothes are never over or under dried. Less drying time means extra savings on your utility bill.

    • NSF® Sanitize:

      This NSF-certified sanitation cycle kills 99.9 percent of household bacteria. Feel confident your laundry is as clean as it should be.


    • Capacity:

      Our biggest capacity 7.5 cu. ft. front-load dryer helps you finish up your family’s laundry faster by allowing you to do fewer loads.


Samsung Laundry WF520 and DV520 Specs

  • Specification 1

    • WF520 Washer


  • Specification 2

    • Features

    • • 4.3 cu. ft. Capacity*
      • VRT Plus™ - Quiet Operation, Perfect for 2nd Floor Installation
      • PowerFoam™ - Efficient, Deep Clean
      • Eco Cold Wash
      • Steam Washing
      • Diamond Drum™ - For Gentler Washing
      • PureCycle™ - A Washer that Cleans Itself
      • Direct Drive Motor
      • 1300 RPM Maximum Spin Speed
      • Internal Water Heater
      • 13 Preset Wash Cycles
      • 7 Options

      *4.29 cu. ft. measured as per Department of Energy

  • Specification 3

    •  Preset Wash Cycles

    • • Eco Cold Wash
      • Normal
      • Heavy Duty
      • Permanent Press
      • Sanitize
      • Bedding PLUS
      • Deep Steam
      • Stain Away
      • Active Wear
      • Delicates/Hand Wash
      • Wool
      • Quick Wash
      • Rinse and Spin

  • Specification 4

    • Product Dimensions and Weight

    • • Dimensions: (WxHxD) 27” x 39” x 34”
      • Weight: 242.3 lbs/110kg

  • Specification 5

    • Shipping Dimensions and Weight

    • • Dimensions: (WxHxD) 29 3/4” x 42 7/8” x 35 3/4”
      • Weight: 262.1lbs/119 kg

  • Specification 6

    • Energy Saving

    • • ENERGY STAR® Qualified

  • Specification 7

    • Limited Warranty

    • • One (1) Year All Parts and Labor
      • Two (2) Years Control Board
      • Three (3) Years Stainless Steel Tub
      • Ten (10) Years Motor

  • Specification 8



  • Specification 9

    • DV520 Dryer


  • Specification 10

    • Features

    • • Steam Drying Technology:
      -Steam Refresh: Freshens up clothes and removes odors
      -Steam Wrinkle Away: Relaxes wrinkles to reduce ironing
      • Woolmark® Certified Dry Cycle
      • Eco Normal Dry Cycle
      • Stainless Steel Drum
      • 7.5 cu. ft. Capacity
      • 13 Preset Drying Cycles
      • 6 Options
      • 5 Temperature Settings
      • 4/3 Way Venting

  • Specification 11

    • Preset Dry Cycles

    • • Steam Refresh
      • Steam Wrinkle Away
      • Eco Normal
      • Normal
      • Heavy Duty
      • Permanent Press
      • Bedding PLUS
      • Delicates
      • Wool
      • Sanitize
      • Time Dry
      • Air Fluff
      • Quick Dry

  • Specification 12

    • Product Dimensions and Weight

    • • Dimensions: ( WxHxD) 27” x 39” x 32 1/4”
      • Weight: 125.6lbs/57kg

  • Specification 13

    • Shipping Dimensions and Weight

    • • Dimensions: (WxHxD) 30” x 43 3/4” x 33 5/8”
      • Weight: 143.2lbs/65kg

  • Specification 14

    • NSF® Certified

    • • NSF® Certified Sanitization

  • Specification 15

    • Limited Warranty

    • • One (1) Year All Parts and Labor
      • Two (2) Years Control Board Parts


Samsung Laundry WF520 and DV520 PowerFoam™ Video

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