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FTQ387LWGX Range Intro

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FTQ387LWGX Range Features

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    • Performance:

      Samsung’s Three-Fan True Convection System is a true cook’s companion. The FTQ387 delivers evenly cooked meals faster every time.

      Evolving the convection oven with a multi-fan system, three fans help ensure even heating throughout.

      The cooktop features five elements including a fast boil element that boils water nearly six minutes faster than a conventional electric element, and a triple element to provide the ultimate in versatility.




    • Capacity:

      The Samsung FTQ387 Freestanding Electric True Convention Range will make your next dinner party more impressive than the last. With its ultra-expansive 5.9 cu. ft. of oven space, you can make several dishes simultaneously. Inside, three chrome racks are adjustable over seven rack positions, for exceptional convenience.

      Underneath it all is a warming drawer (1.4 cu. ft.) with high, medium and low settings so you can serve everything at the right temperature at the right time.


    • SteamQuick™:

      A delicious meal takes time and, after sitting down to enjoy it, cleaning up is the last thing you want to do. That’s why we equip the Samsung FTQ387 Freestanding Electric True Convection Range with our SteamQuick™ feature.

       Simply pour 10 oz. of water inside the oven, turn on SteamQuick™, wait 20 minutes, then wipe. Imagine, no burn marks, ashes or harsh smells. Unlike a conventional, pyrolytic “self-clean” system, steam cleaning is easier, saving you time, energy and money. Your oven is clean by the time you’ve loaded the dishwasher!


    • Design:

      A great presentation is part of a great meal. Samsung’s stainless steel FTQ387 Freestanding Electric True Convection Range looks like it belongs in a five-star kitchen.

      With an intuitive glass touch control panel and five ceramic cooktop elements, form clearly enhances function.





FTQ387LWGX Range Specs

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    • Features

    • • Three-Fan True Convection

      • Large Oven Capacity–5.9 cu. ft.

      • SteamQuick™–20 min. Oven

    • • Warming Drawer: High, Medium,

      • Five Cooktop Elements including
        a Fast Boil Element and a
        Warming Center

  • Specification 2

    • Dimensions +

    • Actual Oven Dimensions:

      25" x 20 25⁄32" x 18 15⁄16"

      Outside Net Dimensions:

      29 29⁄32" x 47 1⁄16" x 25 31⁄32"

    • Product Weight:
      185.19 lbs/84 kg

      Shipping Weight:
      209.44 lbs/95 kg

  • Specification 3

    • Warranty

    • • One (1) Year All Parts and Labor

    • • Five (5) Years Electric Cooktop


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