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Classen® Turf Seeder (UK) Intro

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Classen® Turf Seeder (UK) Performance

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    • Productivity:

      Ensures seed-to-soil contact for proper germination

    • Versatile:

      Can be used for seeding a new lawn or overseeding an existing lawn

    • Front Seed Drop:

      Front seed drop ensures follow up soil coverage over seed for better germination

    • Blades:

      26 heat–treated multipurpose blades, uniquely designed with cutting edge on both ends of blade for double the life

    • Seed Box:

      Easily removable covered seed box won't rust or dent and is mounted higher to eliminate clogging

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    • Adjustable:

      5–position, single action height adjustment

    • Warranty:

      2-Year warranty for commercial & rental use. Engines manufacturer warranty applies.


Classen® Turf Seeder (UK) Operation

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    • Quick-Connect Seed Box Attachment:

      Single pin attachment design allows for quick removal of hopper to empty out excess seed

    • Multiple Machines in One:

      By changing blade sets, the Seeder can be converted in minutes to a standard rake, rake with catcher bag or vertical cutter

    • Folding Handle:

      Folding handle for easy transportation

    • Tire Scrapes:

      Reduce soil build-up on tires.


Classen® Turf Seeder (UK) Gallery

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Classen® Turf Seeder (UK) Models

Dimensions 99cm H x 69cm W x 13cm L
Dimensions (handle folded) 75cm H x 69cm W x 78cm L
Dry Weight 68 kg
Engine Honda® GX160


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