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CS500 Series Intro

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CS500 Series Features

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    • CS540: Lightest DECT™ headset:

      Features the lightest DECT™ wireless headset  on the market (21 grams) to manage desk phone communicatins.

    • Wearing style choice:

      Offers you a choice of four comfort-tested wearing options to match your personal style:

      • Convertible: over-the-ear, over-the-head, behind-the-head*
      • Over-the-ear:  discreet and stylish
      • Over-the-head mono: covers one ear for comfort and awareness of environment
      • Over-the-head binaural: covers both ears for comfort, focus and blocking out background noise

      *Neckband sold separately


    • Superior call management:

      With one-touch call answer/end, vol /-, and mute, manage calls up to 350 feet from the charging base.

    • Premium audio:

      DECT™ technology provides the highest quality audio and eliminates intereference from Wi-Fi networks, while advanced wideband audio technology enables clearer conversations.

    • Enhanced collaboration:

      Conference in up to three additional CS500 or Savi headsets for improved call efficiency and collaboration.   

    • Noise-canceling microphone:

      Noise-canceling microphone reduces background noise interruptions, ensuring great audio quality and easing listener fatigue.

    • Adaptive power:

      Adaptive power system optimizes for range and talk time by automatically downshifting to low power when the headset is close to the base. 


CS500 Series 360/Zoom

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CS500 Series Getting Started

  • Headset Properties (CS540)

    1.  Earloop

    2. Eartip

    3. Volume/mute button

    4. Call button

    5. Battery Cover

    6. Headset LED

    7. Microphone

  • Headset Setup (CS540)

    To Customize Your Headset

    1. Gently pull the eartip from the headset. Rotate the earloop down 90°.

    2. Remove the earloop from the headset.

    3. To wear in the over-the-head style, attach the headband.

    4. Or, to wear the headset with a different size earloop or eartip, select the size you want and reinstall in reverse order as shown. Be sure notch in the eartip faces the microphone.

    NOTE: Headset comes configured for wearing on the right ear. To wear on the left ear, simply flip the earloop once removed from the headset and reinstall in reverse order as shown.


  • Headset Properties (CS530)

    1.  Volume up button

    2.  Volume down/mute button

    3.  Call control button

    4.  Indicator light

    5.  Microphone

  • Headset Properties (CS510/CS520)

    1. Volume down button

    2.  Headset LED (flashes green when in use)

    3.  Call control button

    4.  Mute button

    5. Volume up button

  • Base Properties

    1. Call Indicator

    • Blinking Green = Incoming call
    • Solid Green = Call in progress
    • Solid Red = Call on mute

    2.  Power/Subscription Indicator

    • Solid White = Base powered
    • Flashing White = Subscribing

    3.  Headset Charging Indicator

    • Flashing Green = Charging
    • Solid Green = Fully charged

    4.  Subscription button

    5.  Wideband on/ off switch

    6.  AC power jack

    7.  Handset lifter, EHS cable, and Online Indicator jack

    8.  Telephone interface cable jack

    9.  Auto answer on/ off switch 

  • System Setup

    Connecting the Power Supply

    1. Connect the base power supply into the power jack on the charger base.

    2. Connect the power supply to the outlet. The power indicator light will be solid green.

  • Connecting a Deskphone

    1. Connect one end of the telephone interface cable to the back of the base.

    2. Disconnect the handset coil cord from the desk phone and re-connect it to the telephone
    interface cable junction box.

    3. Connect the remaining end of the telephone interface cable into the open handset port on the
    desk phone.

  • Docking and Charging Headset

    Gently push the headset into the charge cradle.
    The charging indicator light on the headset will flash white to indicate that the headset battery is charging.

    Charge for at least  45 minutes prior to the
    first use
    . A full charge takes 3 hours.

  • Configuring and Test Call

    1. If your desk phone has a volume control set it to mid-range.

    2. Look at the bottom panel of your base and make sure the default settings are correct. Also, make sure to set your desk phone’s volume.

    3. Remove the handset from desk phone cradle.

    4. While wearing your headset, press the call button on the headset.

    5. If you do not hear a dial tone, adjust the configuration switch (A-F) until you do.

    NOTE: For most phones, the factory default settings will sound the best.

    6. Dial a test call from the desk phone. If needed, fine tune the volume with the headset volume
    controls. You can also adjust the desk phone speaking and listening volumes on the bottom
    of the base.


CS500 Series Specs

  • Specification 1

    • Connects To 

      Wearing style

      Talk Time

      Wireless Frequency

      Audio Performance

      Hearing Protection





      Microphone Noise Reduction

      Call Control


      Headset Weight

      Model Number



      Service & Support

    • Desk Phone

      Convertible (CS540): over-the-ear, over-the-head and behind-the-head options (Behind-the-head neckband sold separately)
      Over-the-Ear (CS530)
      Over-the-Head, monaural and binaural (CS510/CS520)

      Up to 7 hours (CS540)
      Up to 6 hours (CS530)
      Up to 9 hours (CS510, CS520)

      DECT™ 6.0

      Narrowband or Wideband: up to 6,800 Hz

      Sound Guard® - Acoustic limiting for protection against sounds levels above 118 dBA. (CS530)

      SoundGuard® DIGITAL® - All the benefits of SoundGuard, plus anti-startle protection which detects sudden increase in sound and eliminates the increase, and Time Weighted Average (TWA) measurement which prevents average daily sound exposure from exceeding 85 dBA.
      (CS510, CS520, CS540 when worn in over-the-head style)


      Call answer/end, mute, volume +/-

      Up to 350 ft

      21 grams (CS540)
      25 grams (CS530)
      94 grams (CS520)
      72 grams (CS510)

      Convertible:  CS540, CS540/HL10*
      Over-the-Ear:  CS530, CS530/HL10*
      Over-the-Head binaural: CS520, CS520/HL10*
      Over-the-Head, monaural:  CS510, CS510/HL10*

      *Includes HL10 Handset Lifter for remote desk phone call control

      1-Year limited warranty



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