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Bosch 800 Series Electric Cooktop Bosch

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Bosch 800 Series Electric Cooktop Features

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    • AutoChef®:

      A Bosch exclusive: maintains exact frying temperature for perfect results and convenient, healthy, nutritional cooking. Nine cooking programs and four temperature settings are available for your convenience.

    • SteelTouch™ Controls:

      The controls — incredibly responsive and seamless with the sharp stainless steel design — make 17 different heat levels all accessible at the touch of a finger.

    • ChildLock:

      Bosch electric cooktops take safety up a notch. The ChildLock function prevents the cooktop from being accidentally switched on.

    • PowerStart®:

      This feature temporarily increases and holds the temperature at the most powerful setting. Then it gradually declines to your preset level. This reduces cooking time and offers the convenience of one-button operation.

    • Keep Warm Function:

      When this function is selected, it enables you to reduce the cooking
      power to as little as 3% of normal — much greater temperature control than conventional cooktops offer you. This brings the heat to a perfect level to keep meals warm, or to simmer soups.

    • Dual-Element Burners:

      Burners provide solutions to multiple cookware sizes. They are designed to use the cooking space more efficiently than single elements.


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Bosch 800 Series Electric Cooktop Specs

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    • Model Number

    • NET8654UC


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    • Appearance

    • SteelTouch™ with PreciseSelect™–A Bosch Exclusive
      High-end Front and Back Stainless Steel Strip for a Premium Look

  • Specification 3

    • Convenience

    • AutoChef® Sensor–A Bosch Exclusive. Maintains Exact Frying Temperature for Perfect Results and Convenience

      Bosch Recommended Pan Included–Excellent Heating Performance and Superior Cleanability,
      Dishwasher safe, Works with Electric and Induction Cooktops

      PreciseSelect™–Direct Cooking Level Selection (17 Settings)

      CountDown™ Timer–Built-in Timers for Each Element. Doubles as General-Purpose Kitchen Timer

      Clean Lock–Prevents Unwanted Changing of Settings while Cleaning Spill-Overs

      Keep Warm Function Allows Meals to Remain Ready to Serve

  • Specification 4

    • Performance

    • Three-zone 12" Heating Element with Powerful 2,700 Watt Element. Three Heating-zone Sizes in One. Accommodates a Variety of Pan Sizes

      Dual Element Offers the Capability to Use Multiple Pan Sizes

      PowerStart®–Initial Maximum Power Output Quickly Heats Burner, then Automatically Decreases to Pre-selected Temperature

  • Specification 5

    • Safety

    • Two-level Heat Indicator–Warns if Cooktop is Warm or Hot

      ChildLock–Prevents the Cooktop from Being Accidentally Switched on, Locks Temperature Settings if in Use


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