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Bosch 500 Series Induction Cooktop Bosch

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Bosch 500 Series Induction Cooktop Features

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    • What is Induction?:

      Bosch induction cooktops are a revolutionary way of cooking that uses the power of electromagnetic waves to quickly and efficiently turn the bottom of the pot into an active heating surface, rather than the cooktop. This allows them to use 60% less energy than cooking with gas and heat food over two times faster than electric cooktops.

    • PreciseSelect™:

      Easily change the heat level of the cooktop by selecting any of the 17 different temperature settings. Enjoy the beauty of touch controls as well as the ease-of-use of knobs.

    • Most Efficient Cooking Method:

      Induction cooktops waste only 10–15% of the energy expended, helping make them 60% more efficient than gas cooktops. Bosch has also reduced standby power consumption by 75%, adding even greater energy efficiency. Plus over 90% of the cooktop can be recycled.

    • CountDown Element Timer:

      Timers automatically shut off each element for easy, timed cooking of multiple dishes.

    • Small Item Detection:

      The cooktop accurately distinguishes between pots or pans and smaller items like utensils that may accidentally be left on the cooktop, and ensures that each cooking element will only heat up if a pot is detected on the cooking surface.

    • Spill Protection Shut-Off:

      Sensors in the glass can detect large spills or excessive overflow, automatically shut off the cooktop, and sound an alarm to alert you of the situation.

    • PotSense™:

      The elements automatically adjust the magnetic field coverage to heat only an area the diameter of the pan to eliminate energy waste.

    • 11" Element:

      Conducting up to 3,600 watts of power, the 11" element provides cooking flexibility and maximum heat output.


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Bosch 500 Series Induction Cooktop Specs

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    • NIT5665UC – 36” Black w/Stainless Steel Trim

      NIT5065UC – 30” Black w/Stainless Steel Trim

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    • Appearance

      • Sleek Touch Control Panel Offers a Choice of 17 Settings for Unprecedented Temperature Control with PreciseSelect™
      • Front and Back Stainless Steel Strip for a — Premium Look
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    • Convenience

      • CountDown Timer — Built-In Timers for each Element. Doubles as General-Purpose Kitchen Timer
      • Clean Lock — Prevents Unwanted Changing of Settings While Cleaning Spill-Overs
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    • Performance

      • Dual 11" Heating Element with Powerful 4,400 Watts. Most Powerful Induction Element in its Class
      • SpeedBoost™ — This Fast-heat Mode Boils Water Twice as Fast as Conventional Electric Cooktops
  • Specification 5

    • Safety

      • Overflow Detection Sounds Alarm and Shuts Off Cooktop in Case of an Overflow
      • ChildLock — Prevents the Cooktop From Being Accidentally Switched on, Locks Temperature Settings if in Use
      • SafeStart Ensures That Element Is Activated Only if Suitable Cookware is in Position; No Activation When Other Metal Objects are Placed on Element
      • Anti-overheating Protection System Shuts Off Cooktop if Surface Temperature Exceeds a Set Value
      • 2-Level Heat Indicator — Warns if Cooktop Is Warm or Hot
  • Specification 6

    • Efficiency

      • PotSense™ — Automatically Adjusts Cooking Element to the Size of the Pan Bottom


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