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Bosch 800 Series Gas Cooktop Bosch

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Bosch 800 Series Gas Cooktop Features

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    • OptiSim®:

      The Bosch exclusive allows the smaller burners to delicately simmer even the most sensitive sauces or melt chocolate by evenly spreading the flame across the bottom of the pot to help prevent scorching.

    • PowerSim®:

      Available on the largest burner, uses a diffuser cap to output a large flame of up to 17,000 BTU for quick heating, and can gently simmer like a small burner.

    • Powerful 17,000 BTU Burner:

      Higher BTU output than ever before for all your cooking needs. Higher power means greater versatility and  faster results and more time to savor your meal.

    • Continuous Grates:

      Same grates found in the professional kitchens, letting you slide your pots like a professional chef, and making it easier to move pots off of an active burner or rearrange them without fear of tipping or spilling. The grates also give the cooktop a high-grade, quality appearance that really makes an impression.

    • Automatic Re-ignition:

      The automatic re-ignition will spontaneously generate a spark and re-ignite the burner if the flame should go out from a draft.


Bosch 800 Series Gas Cooktop Gallery

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Bosch 800 Series Gas Cooktop Specs

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      Color Options
      Continuous Grate Design
      Ergonomically Designed Dials
      Deep Recessed Spill Areas

      Sealed Burners
      Automatic Re-ignition


      Optional Accessories
      NP Conversion Kit-NEZ1054

      Energy Source
      Liquid Propane Convertible
      120 V, 3-Wire Power Cord

    • NGM8654UC (36")
      NGM8054UC (30")


      Nat. Gas



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