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Armstrong® StyleStix™ Intro

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Armstrong® StyleStix™ Features

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    • Transform Your Room:

      StyleStix will transform your boring drop ceiling… taking it from drab to fab in a snap!

    • Snaps Over Existing Grid:

      Armstrong StyleStix snap over your existing grid without removing your ceiling panels for an easy installation and beautiful results.

    • Before Shot:

      Plain old ceiling tiles and grid.

    • 6’ Wall Molding Cover:

      Start with the perimeter of your room.

    • 6’ Grid Cover:

      Cover the grid in one direction with the 6’ covers.

    • 2’ Grid Cover:

      Finally snap 2’ covers on the grid going the opposite direction. You will need a combination of all three components to complete your ceiling project.

    • Coped (shaped) End Details:

      Each StyleStix 2’ Grid Cover has shaped ends that create beautiful, professional intersections – without cutting, sanding, or caulking.

    • Maintenance-free, High End Custom Look:

      Stylestix creates a maintenance free, high class ceiling at a down-to-earth price.


Armstrong® StyleStix™ Instructions

  • Install 6' Wall Molding Covers


    Slide StyleStix 6’ Wall Molding over existing Metal Grid wall molding.


  • Install 6' Grid Covers


    Snap StyleStix 6’ Grid Cover over existing Metal Grid in the middle of your room.


  • Install 2' Grid Covers

    Snap StyleStix 2’ Wall Molding over existing Metal Grid wall molding.


Armstrong® StyleStix™ FAQ

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      CAUTION Avoid storing StyleStix materials at temperatures above 125 degrees Fahrenheit.

      StyleStix Grid Covers work best when the grid meets the wall at a 90 degree angle. Review detailed installation instructions if the grid meets the wall at an angle other than 90 degrees. StyleStix Grid Covers fit ceiling grid that measures 15/16" wide.

      StyleStix Grid Covers are only to be used with 2' x 2' grid systems. A 2' x 4' grid system must first be converted to a 2' x 2' system with standard 2' cross tees.


      • One package of StyleStix 6' Wall Molding Covers consists of 5 pieces each 6' long (Part A, Item No. 1311).
      • One package of StyleStix 6' Grid Covers consists of 6 pieces each 6' long (Part B, Item No. 1310).
      • One package of StyleStix 2' Grid Covers consists of 12 pieces each 2' long (Part C, Item No. 1312). these covers have shaped (coped) end on them to fit against the shaped sides of the 6' grid covers.
  • Specification 2

    • Installation

      Install the entire grid ceiling. The panels can be installed first or can be installed after the Grid Covers are in place. If the grid ceiling already exists, the panels can be left in place before installing the Grid Covers.

      How much do you need?

      StyleStix installations require a quantity of each Part A, B and C. Review the estimating chart found in the installation literature and on our website to determine how many of each you'll need to complete your room.

      • Part A, Item No. 1311: 6' Wall Molding Cover
      • Part B, Item No. 1310: 6' Grid Cover
      • Part C, Item No. 1312: 2' Grid Cover
  • Specification 3

    • FAQ's

      Do they fit all grid systems?

      • StyleStix is designed to fit grid measuring 15/16" wide. This is the standard grid measurement in most homes. We recommend you measure the face width of the grid.

      What if my current ceiling system is 2' x 4'?

      • StyleStix is made for a 2' x 2' ceiling suspension system. You can easily convert your 2' x 4' system by purchasing and snapping a 2' cross tee into place.

      Can I paint StyleStix?

      • Yes, with latex paint.

      Do StyleStix come in any other colors?

      • No, but it can be painted with latex paint.

      Do I have to remove my ceiling panels to install StyleStix over my grid?

      • No, StyleStix can be snapped into place while your ceiling panels remain in place.

      Is StyleStix moisture resistant?

      • Yes, they are moisture, mold and mildew resistant. In fact, they are unaffected by humidity, and will not absorb water at all.
  • Specification 4

    • Can I mount StyleStix directly to my ceiling?

      • No, StyleStix is designed to fit over standard metal grid systems.

      How do I cut StyleStix?

      • Using a miter saw or hack saw.

      Can StyleStix be used with ceiling panels having a reveal (tegular) edge detail?

      • Yes, StyleStix work with almost all types of ceiling panels that fit 15/16" metal grid.


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