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Classen® Split-Drive Aerator Intro

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Classen® Split-Drive Aerator Performance

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    • Patented Split-Drive Technology:

      Patented split-drive technology separates the tines into left and right assemblies that drive independently of each other. You steer, turn, and aerate non-stop without raising tines out of the ground – for greater productivity!

    • Steering Controls:

      Ensure straight line operation on side hills with this full time self-propelled unit.

    • Smooth Starting:

      Combination throttle and belt tightener for smoother start.

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    • Better Penetration in Tough Soil Conditions:

      Removable weights and fillable water drum add weight for greater tine penetration.

    • Side Bumpers:

      Prevent catching on obstacles and tire scrapes ensure consistent tine depth.

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    • Easy to Operate on Hillsides:

      The combination of self-propelled and split-drive technology helps you manage even the toughest hills.

    • Compact Width:

      The TA-17 fits through a 30” gate. The TA-25 will fit through a 36” gate (with rear wheels removed)

    • Warranty:

      2-Year warranty for commercial and rental use. Engines manufacturer warranty applies.


Classen® Split-Drive Aerator Maintenance

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    • Protective Chain Guard:

      Help keeps grass, leaves, and cores out of chains and spokes.

    • Ball Bearings:

      Heavy-duty sealed bearings.


Classen® Split-Drive Aerator Models

  TA-17D TA-25D
Engine Honda® GX120 Honda® GX120
Aerating Width 16.25" and fits through 30" gate 24.375" and fits through 36" gate when rear wheels removed
Tines 24 tines with coring depth up to 2.75" and hole pattern of
4.06" x 7 "
36 tines with coring depth up to 2.75" and hole pattern of
4.06" x 7 "
Coverage 19,333 sq. ft. per hour 29,000 sq. ft. per hour
Drum 6.6 gal. front poly drum 9.5 gal. front poly drum
Dimensions 48.5" H
(38" Aerating) x
30" W x 50" L
48.5" H
(38" Aerating) x
40.5 " W x 50" L
Dry Weight 323 lbs. 370 lbs.
Weight Bar Removable
40 lb. weight bar
50 lb. weight bar


Classen® Split-Drive Aerator Gallery

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