Wagner - Wagner Control Spray Product Demo

Wagner Control Spray Intro

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Wagner Control Spray Set-up

  • Insert The Suction Tube
  • Pour In Material & Place On Sprayer Top
  • Assemble Spray Gun & Turbine Together
  • Plug Into Outlet Or Extension Cord
  • Start Spray A Test Pattern

    Once you have the proper fan pattern and familiar with the spraying technique you can start on the project.

  • Start Working On Project


Wagner Control Spray Clean-up

  • Unplug The Spray Gun & Unscrew The Container

    Empty any remaining material back into the material container

  • Attach Gun & Plug Spray In The Sprayer
  • Spray The Solution Out

    In a safe area such as a bucket or cardboard, spray out the solution. 

  • Clean Container

    Clean out the container, suction tube, air cap and nozzle with a cleaning brush and the appropriate cleaning solution.

  • Clean The Spray Gun

    Use a thin layer of petroleum jelly to lubricate the O-ring and reassemble the spray gun.


Wagner Control Spray Applications Images

  • Spray Wagons
  • Spray Outdoor Furniture
  • Spray Tables
  • Spray Chairs


Wagner Control Spray Features

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    • 3 Postion Spray Pattern Tip:

      Adjustable Air Cap Pattern Selector - Three Pattern Shapes To Match Your Project

      • Round pattern for railings, fenceposts and spindles
      • Horizontal fan pattern for fencing and lattice
      • Vertical fan pattern for decking, doghouses and sheds
    • Easy to Set-up:

      Easy to Use with Detachable Front Ends and Patented Lock-N-Go Technology

      • Get your job done faster than conventional methods
      • Easy color and material changes
      • Easy clean up
    • Variable Flow Trigger:

      Adjustable Trigger with Variable Flow Control Dial. Adjusts trigger resistance, allowing for optimum coverage, maximum control of spray volume and pattern size:

      • Pull back on trigger gently to cover small projects
      • Pull back a little harder for medium sized projects
      • And pull even further back for larger projects
    • 1 1/2 Quart Cup:
    • Control Spray:
      • Gives Professional Looking Results
      • Maximum control of spray control and volume
      • More material on the project
      • Less paint in the air means less waste, money savings and better for the environment


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