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KOHLER Closed-Loop EFI Introduction

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KOHLER Closed-Loop EFI Features

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    • Closed-Loop EFI:

      Closed-Loop EFI utilizes a series of sensors that continuously adjust and optimize the engine performance based on operating conditions and loads.

    • Oxygen Sensor:

      Oxygen Sensor is a critical sensor in the operation of our closed loop EFI system. The O2 sensor provides information to the ECU on the amount of oxygen content in the exhaust, directing the ECU to adjust the fuel mixture to the optimal ratio.

    • MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) Sensor:

      MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) Sensor provides instantaneous manifold pressure information to the engine's ECU, adjusting the fuel injection system based on changes in weather and altitude.

    • ECU (Electronic Control Unit):

      ECU (Electronic Control Unit) is an engine mounted control system that contains the software and processor that interprets information being sent from the sensors on the engine and adjusts the engines operating parameters to optimize engine performance.

    • Fuel Module:

      Fuel Module is engine mounted and handles fuel pressure regulation and high pressure fuel delivery eliminating the need for a fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator, and fuel return line enabling easier installation/engine replacement.

    • Fuel Injectors:

      Fuel Injectors have been designed and positioned to optimize targeting of fuel into the cylinder and shorten the distance fuel has to travel.


KOHLER Closed-Loop EFI Gallery

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KOHLER Closed-Loop EFI Benefits

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      Highest Productivity, Lowest Operating Cost
      The Kohler closed-loop EFI system provides easier starts, better load response, more power and up to 25% better fuel economy. With fuel savings alone, the system will pay for itself in less than one year.

      Reduced Carbon Footprint
      Using up to 25% less fuel than industry-equivalent carbureted models, Kohler's closed-loop EFI reduces emissions by burning less fuel more efficiently.

      User friendly EFI diagnostic software
      The Kohler EFI Diagnostic Software resolves engine issues with minimal user effort, just like automotive software at your car dealer, keeping your engines in the field and productivity off the charts.

      No Carburetor
      No carburetor problems, no required choke, and never clean or adjust a carburetor again. Plus, KOHLER EFI means your KOHLER engine will perform the same from day one to the end of it's product life.

      Three-year Commercial Warranty
      Kohler stands behind it's Closed-Loop EFI Engine with a three-year unlimited hour commercial warranty.





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