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Mattel® Cruncher™ Intro

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Mattel® Cruncher™ Features

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    • Attack:

      Surprise or startle your friends by sending Cruncher™ on a high-speed attack! He’ll charge forward at a startling speed, snapping his colossal jaws with a thunderous roar.

    • Guard:

      Have Cruncher™ stand guard in front of your stuff. If anyone comes by, he’ll charge toward them and scare them away!

    • Catch:

      Toss Cruncher™ his fish and if he snaps his jaws shut in time to catch it, he’ll bring it back to play again!

    • Seek:

      Whistle, clap or shout his name and Cruncher™ will follow the sound to seek you out.

    • Dance:

      Cruncher™ can dance like no other dinosaur! Put on some music or clap your hands and he’ll bust a move!

    • Train:

      Train Cruncher™ to remember up to 30 different actions and sounds and he’ll perform them for you in sequence!

    • Speak:

      Cruncher’s collar will translate his actions and sounds into real words! You might be surprised by what you hear!

    • Q & A:

      Ask Cruncher™ a question and he’ll either nod his head “yes” or shake his head “no.”

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    • Pet:

      Rub Cruncher’s head and he’ll pant with affection. Keep petting him to make him even happier!

    • Listens:

      Cruncher™ can hear you, so try calling his name and he’ll turn his head toward you!

    • Beg:

      Touch Cruncher’s chin and he’ll back up, rise up and beg for his food!

    • Fart:

      After all that eating, Cruncher’s bound to build up some gas. Lift up his tail and he’ll let one rip!


Mattel® Cruncher™ Gallery

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Mattel® Cruncher™ Video

  • PREHISTORIC PETS™ CRUNCHER™ Interactive Dinosaur

    Cruncher is the craziest, hungriest, fastest interactive pet ever created!

  • Behind the Design

    Get to know Cruncher and meet the faces behind the fun!


Mattel® Cruncher™ 360/Zoom

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Mattel® Cruncher™ Product Details

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    • Cruncher™ is a green, not-so-lean, eating machine! This interactive dinosaur comes when he’s called, dances and even plays catch. But send him on a high-speed attack and he’ll charge forward, snapping his jaws with a thunderous roar. He may seem tame, but Cruncher™ has the power to devour anything in his path!

      Cruncher™ Dimensions:

      On All Fours: 16.5" long x 10" tall x 7" wide

      Reared Up: 15.5" long x 11.5" tall x 7" wide

  • Specification 2

    • Cruncher™ Bio:

      Species: Dimetrodon

      Favorite Food:  Fish N' Chips

      Hobbies:  Playing hide-and-seek, chasing mailmen and competitive eating

      Cruncher™ eats almost as fast as he runs, although he hasn't mastered doing both at the same time!


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