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PM8004 Intro

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PM8004 Features

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    • TriTone Control:

      A specialized midrange tone control complements the standard bass and treble controls giving you the ability to restore critical frequencies that are too often diminished by today's digitally compressed music. 

    • Power Amp Direct:

      A dedicated input that allows the PM8004 to integrate seamlessly with AV Receivers and, at the touch of a button, take control of the main left and right loudspeakers for an old-school, pure analog listening experience.


    • 1/4" Headphone Jack:

      Current buffered circuit drives high quality headphones with ease.

    • Black Anodized Aluminum and Composite Front Panel:

      This classic, M1 chassis design is derived from the sought-after Marantz Reference line of products.

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    • Moving Magnet Phono Input:


    • Heavy Duty Binding Posts:

      Designed to accommodate fine-quality loudspeaker cable.

    • Dual Record Loops:

      Dual record loops connect easily to outboard recording devices and signal processors.


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