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SR7005 Intro

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SR7005 Features

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    • USB Port:


      Connect iPod, thumb drives and USB hard discs here --- the SR7005 can decode digital audio FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) files of up to 24 bit/96 kHz resolution, and  the iPod connection receives a digital PCM bit-stream, so you experience the awesome fidelity of the Marantz DAC and audio stages -- your iPod never sounded this good!


    • Porthole Display:

      Ringed in a soft blue glow, the SR7005 features an elegant Porthole Display. This iconic "Star and Circle" design first appeared in 1960 on the original Model 9 tube power amplifier (shown above).   

    • Frontpanel HDMI Connection:

      Digital camcorder owners will appreciate how the front-mounted HDMI connection makes it easy to enjoy home movies in full surround sound.

    • Black Anodized Aluminum and Composite Front Panel:

      This classic, M1 chassis design is derived from the sought-after Marantz Reference line of products; a combination of aircraft-grade aluminum and resonance-damping epoxy-composite is utilized for the faceplate, yielding a component that is at once beautiful to look at and functional.

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    • Ethernet Connection:

      What a powerful connection this is... As an IP-based product, the SR7005 connects to your home network. The power of DLNA1.5 allows the SR7005 to "see" all connected music libraries that reside on your computers; just select and scroll from the built-in user interface. For even more variety, access a variety of Internet-based audio options without ever leaving the couch: choose between vTunerInternet Radio, or the Pandora, Rhapsody, and Napster music services; if you like, browse images on  Flickr while you listen...   

    • 6 HDMI 1.4a Inputs with 2 HDMI Outputs:

      Full support for HDMI features such as CEC, Pass Through In Standby, Audio Return Channel, and more ...

    • Massive 125 watt x 7 Power Stage with Amp Assign:

      A robust 125 watt x 7 channel amplifier output stage guarantees your ability to drive any fine quality loudspeaker to sound its very best, and a clever Amp Assign feature together with 9 sets of binding posts allow the surround channels to serve more than one purpose. Wire height and width loudspeakers to experience the awesome effect Audyssey DSX, or wire in 2nd and 3rd audio zones. At the touch of a button Amp Assign automatically reassigns the amplifier outputs to match your preference...   

    • 3 Audio Zones and 2 Video Zones:

      Tunes in the study? How about  on the patio? You can have both and operate the main theater, all at the same time, and all with different source material too... A second video zone is ready for that flat panel in the kitchen as well...  


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