B and Q - Rockwell® JawHorse™ Product Demo

Rockwell® JawHorse™ Intro

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Rockwell® JawHorse™ Features

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    • Heavy-Duty Design:

      All-steel construction provides rigidity and strength for even the toughest jobs.

    • Base:

      Tripod base with foot pads provides ultimate stability.

    • 4 Tools-In-1:

      Use as a workbench, sawhorse, one-ton vise, or machine press.

    • Endless Uses:

      Serves as a second set of hands.

    • Clamp:

      Clamp large objects up to 37” wide or 48” with optional clamping arm.

    • Convenient:

      Holds odd shaped objects.

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    • Foot Pedal Lever:

      The foot pedal lever creates an extreme 1-Ton of clamping force.

    • Compact Size:

      Compact storage size easily fits in vehicles and closets.

    • Integrated Wheel:

      Integrated wheel for easy transportation.

    • Warranty:

      Free 5-year limited warranty.


Rockwell® JawHorse™ Video

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Rockwell® JawHorse™ Accessories

  • Plywood Jaw

    • Allows for hands-free
      clamping materials
      up to 52” wide.

    • Includes metal brace
      kits for easy construction
      of outriggers for
      additional support for
      large materials.

    • Great for holding 4’ x 8’
      sheet materials like

    • All steel construction.

  • Log Jaw

    • Securely grips up to 12”
      lumber and timber for
      cutting and carving.

    • Fold out clamps hold the
      chainsaw bar while
      leaving the chain free
      for sharpening.

    • Ideal for landscaping,
      fencing, firewood and
      chainsaw sculptors.

    • All steel construction.

  • Saddlebag

    • Instantly attaches to
      Jawhorse or easy
      tool access.

    • Rolls up for secure,
      compact tool storage
      and transportation.

    • Twenty three pockets
      for tools.

    • Heavy-duty ballistic
      nylon tear-resistant

  • Welding Jaw

    • Holds and grounds
      work for easy hands
      free welding.

    • Cast aluminum
      primary jaws.

    • Front and rear
      ground lead bases
      insure perfect,
      no-fuss connection.

    • Extra deep V-groove
      holds tubing and
      pipes securely.


  • Miter Saw Station

    • Designed to fit almost
      any miter saw to the

    • The table is clamped
      quickly between the

    • Attach the adjustable
      support rollers to your
      own 2 x 4 lumber to
      create infeed and outfeed
      support to any length.

  • Work Table

    • Converts the Jawhorse
      into a heavy-duty
      split-style work table.

    • The table allows for
      hands-free clamping
      as the table halves are
      moved together using
      the foot pedal action
      of the Jawhorse.

    • The table can
      accommodate uneven
      pieces up to a
      13° offset.

    • Pivoting surface clamps,
      or “dogs” hold irregularly
      shaped objects tightly
      for painting, sanding,
      scraping or other work.

    • Maximum opening
      between the table halves
      is 22”.


Rockwell® JawHorse™ Gallery

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Rockwell® JawHorse™ Specs

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    •  Technical Specs



  • Specification 2

    • Clamping Range:

      Max. Clamping Force:
      Clamp Method:
      Max. Load:
      Footprint (standing):
      Footprint (folded):
      Clamp Travel:
      Machine Weight:

    • 0 – 37” (up to 4 feet with option Plywood Jaw – RK9100)
      1 metric ton
      Foot step
      600 lbs.
      39” x 39” x 34”
      29” x 14” x 13”
      1” per step
      Solid Steel
      43 lbs.


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