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Classen® Gear-Drive Sod Cutter Intro

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Classen® Gear-Drive Sod Cutter Performance

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    • Unique Design:

      Unique design lets you switch back and forth from a 12", 18", 20" or 24" cut in a matter of minutes with optional blade assemblies.

    • Centered Blade:

      Placed at center of machine ensures a more consistent cutting depth

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    • Knobby Tread Drive Wheels:

      Two front knobby tread drive wheels ensure better traction and eliminate dirt build up.

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    • Productivity:

      Cutting blade makes 20 cutting strokes per second / 1200 per minute. Yields cleaner, smoother results and increased sod cutting productivity. 1-3/8” cutting stroke is up to 50% longer than competitive models. Adjusts to cut sod up to 2.5" deep

    • Warranty:

      2-Year Warranty commercial & rental


Classen® Gear-Drive Sod Cutter Operation

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    • Finger Throttle:

      Finger throttle for adjustable speed control: goes idle and stops machine movement when released.

    • Throttle/Clutch:

      Integrated throttle/clutch control on handle for simple to operate sod cutting. Squeeze to accelerate; release to stop.

    • Clutch/Brake:

      Clutch/Brake lever for ease in unloading machine backwards from truck or trailer.


Classen® Gear-Drive Sod Cutter Models

  SC-18/5.5 SC-18/8.0
Dimensions 34" H x 24" W x 54" L 34" H x 24" W x 58" L
Cutting Dimension 18" W x 2.5" D 18" W x 2.5" D
Engine 5.5 HP Honda 8 HP Honda
Weight (pounds) 300 340


Classen® Gear-Drive Sod Cutter Gallery

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