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Slim & Secure Digital Video Monitor Intro

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Slim & Secure Digital Video Monitor Features & Benefits

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    • Slim&Secure Digital Video Monitor:

      For parents looking for the ultimate stylish baby monitor that allows them to view baby both day and night on a large screen, there's the Slim&Secure Digital Video Monitor from Summer Infant. It's small, sleek and stylish design makes parents feel like they're watching the little one on their mobile phone.

    • Multi channel for complete privacy and clarity::
    • Extra slim pocket sized design:

      Great for keeping in your pocket enabling you get on with things while baby is asleep.

    • Stylish 6.4cm color video tilt display:

      Stylish 6.4cm LCD color video tilt display with automatic black and white night vision

    • High sensitivity sound activated light display:

      High sensitivty microphone picks up baby's every cry and activates light display on parent unit

    • Simple controls - volume/vision adjustment:
    • Pan and Tilt Camera:

      The camera can tilt and pan for best view of baby and can be placed anywhere in the room

    • Can be paired with additional cameras:

      If paired with an additional camera (not included) auto scan feature scans between different rooms

    • Rechargable battery:

      Rechargable battery included in parent unit for up to 10 hours wireless viewing


Slim & Secure Digital Video Monitor Specs

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    • Technical Specifications
      Frequency: 2.4GHz
      Range: 100m

      Adjustable sound sensitivity control
      Volume & brightness control
      LCD display

      Battery Lithium-Ion
      Battery Included
      Re-chargable Parent Unit
      Low Battery Indicator

      Product Information
      Number of Units - 1
      Dimensions: 9.5 x 15.5 x 18.5
      Weight: 151g
      6.4cm colour video display
      Colour Screen


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