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Whirlpool® Double Oven Range Features

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    • AccuBake® Temperature Management System:

      You’ll get even baking results every time with the AccuBake® Temperature Management System. 6th Sense™ technology monitors the oven temperature even when there’s food on multiple racks, and controls the cooking elements to adjust to the desired baking temperature.

    • The Most Energy Efficient Double Oven Range Ever*:

      Thanks to the SteamClean Option** and Energy Save mode in both ovens, the Whirlpool® Double Oven Range is the most energy efficient range ever. The upper oven even uses up to 39% less energy when compared to a full-size 5.3 Cu. Ft. oven.

      * Among leading brands based on energy savings available with the use of Energy Save mode and SteamClean option in both ovens.

      ** SteamClean Option available only on electric models.

    • Largest Capacity Available*:

      The Whirlpool® Double Oven Range helps you prepare large meals for special occasions – or any occasion – with ease. With 2.5 Cu. Ft. in the upper oven and 4.2 Cu. Ft. in the lower oven, the combined capacity of 6.7 Cu. Ft. is the largest available among leading brand electric ranges.

      * Among leading brands, based on a combined capacity of both ovens.

    • Energy Efficient SteamClean Option*:

      Eliminate the need for harsh cleaners and save time and resources with the highly efficient SteamClean Option. Using just 1¼ cups of water, you can quickly spot clean the floor of both the upper and lower ovens up to 9x faster than a traditional self-clean cycle**.

      * SteamClean Option available only on electric models.

      ** Based on cycle time comparison of moderately soiled ovens.

    • Even and Consistent Baking with Convection:

      TimeSavor™ Plus True Convection Cooking System helps you effortlessly brown succulent roasts and bake bread to just the right texture. A fan in the rear of the oven evenly distributes hot air to help seal in flavor and juices.


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