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Whirlpool ® Gas Water Heater Intro

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Whirlpool ® Gas Water Heater Features

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    • Self Powered Intelligent Control Gas Valve:

      Electronic gas valve employs thermopile to provide electricity for operations and diagnostic display; no external power supply is needed.

    • Self-Diagnostics:

      Electronic gas control monitors operational conditions and helps with pinpointing service/troubleshooting matters.

    • LED Status Light:

      Gives visual indication when pilot is lit and water heater is operating normally. Also reports status of diagnostics.

    • Integrated Piezo (push button) Pilot Igniter:

      Allows for easy startup of the pilot.

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    • T&P Relief Valve:

      Conveniently located on the side of the tank to facilitate piping to a drain or external to the building.

    • Built in Flame Lock Safety System:

      Reduces the risk of accidental fires involving flammable vapors from products such as gasoline, paint thinner, and solvents.

    • Self Cleaning Dip Tube:

      Reduces sediment buildup for heating efficiency and long tank life. (12- and 9-Year Models)

    • Top Mounted, Heavy-Duty Anode Rod:

      Protects tank against corrosion, maximizes tank life.

    • Code Approval:

      Meets or exceeds the Federal Efficiency Standards effective January 20, 2004, according to the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act (NAECA) of 1992, and current edition of ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1.


Whirlpool ® Gas Water Heater The Difference

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    • OLD

      Mechanical Manual Gas Valve

      Powered by a Thermocouple

      Check pilot light operation through sight gas at the bottom of the water heater

      No Diagnostic Capability

    • NEW

      Electronic Gas Valve

      • Less moving parts
      • Less Calibration components internal to the valve design

      Powered by Thermopile

      • Thermopile operate at a higher millivolts making design more robust

      Control has visual indicator light to identify when the pilot is lit

      • Gives feed-back that heater is working

      Diagnostic Capability

      • Provide a better diagnostic about the control
      • should a problem occur will provide information to understand issue
      • Status light code on face of this control defines the status light flashes and the action needed



Whirlpool ® Gas Water Heater Gallery

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Whirlpool ® Gas Water Heater Lighting Instuctions

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