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XM onyX Intro

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XM onyX Photos

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XM onyX Features

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    • Large Colour Display:

      View artist name, song title, and channel information on a colour display.

    • Customize Your Display:

      Choose the backlight colour theme that matches your mood or your vehicle interior.

    • Personalize Your Radio:

      Choose the trim ring that reflects your taste or complements your vehicle interior.

    • Improved Audio Connection Options:

      Use either the included Aux In Cable, or the new PowerConnect technology to receive audio through your vehicle's stereo system.

    • Favourite Channel Presets:

      Save and enjoy fast access to up to 10 of your favourite channels.

    • Enhanced Real-time Channel Guide:

      Browse programs, artists, and songs playing on other channels, without having to change the channel you are on.

    • FM Preset Button:

      Store and quickly access FM channels that give you the best audio reception when using PowerConnect.

    • Parental Controls:

      Easily lock and unlock channels with mature content.


XM onyX Set Up

  • Pick a Spot For Your Radio

    You can use either the Dash Mount or the Vent Mount for your onyX, depending upon your vehicle and the location where you want to place your radio.

  • Install the Magnetic Mount Antenna

    Choose the best location for the antenna considering your vehicle type. Refer to the antenna placement tips and cautions in the User Guide beginning on page 20.

  • Connect the Audio to Your Vehicle's Stereo

    To listen to onyX through your vehicle’s stereo system or FM radio, it must be receiving the XM signal. Be sure your vehicle is outside and the antenna has a clear view of the sky. Connect your onyX to play it’s audio through your vehicle’s stereo system or FM radio.

  • Finish the Installation and Power On

    Insert the PowerConnect Power Adapter into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter or power adapter socket. Then plug it into the red PWR connector on the rear of the dock.

  • PowerConnect

    *If you have connected the audio in step 3 using the Aux In Cable or Cassette Adapter, skip this.

    • Find an available FM channel in your area.
    • Tune your vehicle's FM radio.
    • Set your onyX to transmit on the same FM channel.


XM onyX Specs

  • Specification 1

    • Dimensions:
      115 mm (W) X 61 mm (H) X 18 mm (D)
      4.5 in (W) X 2.4 in (H) X 0.71 in (D)

      93 g (3.28 oz)

      Audio Outputs:
      3.5 mm diameter mini stereo jack

      External Power:
      Voltage 5V DC
      Current 1.5A


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