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SR6005 Features

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    • USB Port:

      Connect iPod, thumb drives and USB hard discs here --- because the iPod connection is a digital PCM audio bit-stream,  you experience the awesome fidelity of the Marantz DAC and audio stages -- your iPod never sounded this good!

    • HD Radio:

      Enjoy an unprecedented array of broadcast radio entertainment with HD Radio; experience near-CD-quality FM and FM quality AM.

    • 1/4" Headphone Jack:

      Current buffered circuit drives high quality headphones with ease.

    • Black Anodized Aluminum and Composite Front Panel:

      This classic, M1 chassis design is derived from the sought-after Marantz Reference line of products; a combination of aircraft-grade aluminum and resonance-damping epoxy-composite is utilized for the faceplate, yielding a component that is at once beautiful to look at and functional.

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    • Marantz MX Port:

      9 Pin DIN connector accepts optional RX101 Bluetooth adapter for wireless connection to Bluetooth capable devices like iPads and Netbooks; pair up to 8 Bluetooth devices to a single RX101.

    • 6 HDMI 1.4a Inputs:

      No less than 6 HDMI 1.4a inputs offer full support for features such as CEC, Pass Through In Standby, Audio Return Channel, and more...

    • 3 In x 1 Out Component Video Connections:

      A 3 in, 1 out complement of component video connections offers compatibility with legacy components as well as scaling to 1080p HDMI! 

    • Support for Two Subwoofers:

      The winning combination of dual subwoofer outputs coupled with a massive,110 watt x 7 channel power stage makes the SR6005 the perfect choice for those among us with a taste for concert volume and car chases... 


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