Target - Keekaroo® Height Right™ High Chair Product Demo

Keekaroo® Height Right™ High Chair Instructions

  • Assembly

    The Keekaroo is easy to assemble. This short video details assembly in minutes.

  • Adjustment

    As your child grows, the adjustability couldn't be easier. Loosen screws, adjust the seat and foot plate height and tighten screws back into place. Watch the video for an example.

  • Use of High Chair with Your Child

    From the time your child can sit upright, they can start using the Height Right High Chair. Adjust the seatplate to the 2nd rung to ensure the proper positioning from the passive crotch restraints and leg bumpers.

  • Use of High Chair + Infant Insert

    For additional comfort, move the Height Right High Chair seat plate to the 3rd rung and place the Infant Insert in position, sitting snug on the back plate and the seat plate, fastened with attached "hook and loop" strips.

  • Ensure Proper Placement of the Infant Insert on Height Right

    Note the snug fit of the Infant Insert on the Height Right High Chair. The two were specially designed to fit each other. Refer to the manual for any more questions and additional explanation.

  • Adjustment to Kids Chair

    After outgrowing the tray, your child can still use the Height Right High Chair as a Kids Chair. Pull it up to the table and adjust the seat and foot plate to correct height and comfort level for your child.

  • Adjustment to Kid Chair with Cushions

    The Height Right Chair is never outgrown and always comfortable. The Comfort Cushions are specially designed to fit onto either the seat plate or foot plate.

  • Taking Away Foot Plate to Make Seat Plate

    When using the Height Right with only the seat plate, only one bar is necessary.

  • Detach Tray

    Using the attached tray clips, remove the cover plates and replace with the tray clips. The tray slides into the tray clips and locks into place. To remove the tray, lift up on the locks, push in the safety catches, and pull out. Tray Clip Locks are under the tray and must be disengaged to remove the tray. This safety feature keeps your child from mistakenly moving the tray out of position.

  • Proper Cleaning of Tray Cover

    For quick cleans, any mild soap and warm water can be used, but for more extensive cleaning, the tray cover is dishwasher safe.

  • Proper Cleaning of Height Right Chair

    Wipe down the chair with mild soap and warm water. Thoroughly wipe dry, as with any wooden furniture.

  • Grab Rail

    For children not ready to pull up to the table, but not needing the tray, a Grab Rail is the perfect solution. Attach into the same Tray Clips and it locks into place exactly the same. Try the Grab Rail for the first stage of family table dining.


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