Target - Keekaroo® Café Booster Seat™ Product Demo

Keekaroo® Café Booster Seat™ Instructions

  • Attach to Chair

    Attach both straps, the longer strap goes under the chair seat and the shorter around the back. Tighten until snug.

  • Handle

    After removing from a chair, use the strap holes of the Café Booster as handles.

  • Carrying Strap

    Using the long strap, reconnect and use as a carrying strap off the shoulder.

  • Proper Positioning

    When sitting in the seat, your child's back should be supported by the high back. This positioning will position the child into booster correctly.

  • Use of 3 Point Harness

    Once in the seat, connect the 3 point harness and adjust it snuggly to your child.

  • Proper Cleaning

    Easily wiped with mild soap and warm water. While impermeable to liquids, DO NOT submerge into water because of the air vent in back.


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