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BUNN Velocity Brew® Intro

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BUNN Velocity Brew® Features

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    • Brew Funnel:

      Where the water meets the coffee grounds and the coffee magic happens!

    • Lid:

      Opens for easy water pour-in.

    • Stainless Steel Internal Hot Water Tank:

      Holds water at the perfect temperature so when you want coffee, you can have it quickly.

    • Warmer Plate:

      Designed to hold your coffee at the ideal temperature on glass carafe models. Our Velocity Brew thermal carafe models do not feature a warmer plate.

    • Carafe:

      10-cup carafes are available in both glass and thermal styles and are designed for smooth pouring and appropriate temperature management of brewed coffee.

    • Sprayhead:

      Sprays water evenly over coffee grounds to ensure ideal flavor extraction.

    • Warmer Switch:

      This features allows you to turn off the warmer plate when you’re done enjoying your coffee.

    • Vacation Switch:

      Used to turn off the internal hot water tank when you are not going to brew coffee for several days.

    • BUNN Quality & Support:

      Velocity Brew is backed by a three year limited warranty, trained customer service professionals and online support information.


BUNN Velocity Brew® 360/Zoom

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BUNN Velocity Brew® Experience

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    • All BUNN brewers manage the science behind brewing great coffee. With Velocity Brew – our traditional quick brewing brewers – water is kept at the optimal brewing temperature in an internal hot water tank. This means it’s ready to brew when you are and delivers delicious, hot coffee in about 3 minutes. These brewers are designed specifically for brewing at home everyday.

      Since our brewer has an internal hot water tank, you must fill the hot water tank with water and let it heat to the correct brewing temperature before you brew your first batch. For help with this initial set-up, click here.


BUNN Velocity Brew® Compare

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BUNN Velocity Brew® Support

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    • Set-Up:

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    • IMPORTANT: Brewer is NOT ready to plug in until you have followed the steps below. Do NOT plug in brewer until step #5.

      1. Slide empty funnel into funnel guides as shown.
      2. Fill decanter with cold water. Swivel brewer lid and pour water into brewer. Position decanter on base below funnel. Close the lid and wait three minutes while the internal tank partially fills.
      3. Open the lid. Remove decanter and fill with cold water again. Pour water into brewer. Position decanter on base under funnel and close the lid.
      4. Wait until water flows from the funnel. When water flow stops, pour out any water that has collected in the decanter. Replace decanter on brewer below the funnel.
      5. Now, plug in the brewer.
      6. Press the vacation switch, located on the side (NHBX) or the back (STX) of the brewer, to turn unit on (Press I to turn on and press O to turn off.) Wait 15 minutes for the water in the tank to heat.

  • Specification 3

      • For a PDF version explaining how to set-up Velocity Brew, click here.
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    • Use & Care Manual:

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      • For a PDF version of the Use & Care Manual, click here.
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    • Specs:

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    • • Brew Capacity: 4 to 10 cups (5 oz) per batch.

      • Dimensions and weight:
      - NHS: 13-3/4” high; 9-1/8” wide; 11-5/8” deep, 7.1 lbs.
      - GR: 14-4/5” high; 7-1/10” wide; 13-4/5” deep, 6.8 lbs.
      - BX: 14-3/10” high; 7-1/10” wide; 13-4/5” deep, 7.1 lbs.
      - BT: 15-3/10” high; 7-1/10” wide; 13-9/10” deep, 7.8 lbs.
      - ST: 15-1/8” high; 7-3/4” wide; 137/8” deep, 11 lbs.

      • Electrical: UL and C-UL Listed for Household Use Only. This brewer has an attached, 3-prong grounded cord set and requires 2-wire service with ground, rated 120 volts AC
      - NHS: 7.9 amps, single phase, 60Hz., 947-watts total
      - GR: 7.5 amps, single phase, 60 Hz., 900-watts total
      - BX: 7 amps, single phase, 60 Hz., 900-watts total
      - BT: 7.5 amps, single phase, 60 Hz., 850-watts total
      - ST: 7 amps, single phase, 60 Hz., 850-watts total

      • High Altitude Use: BUNN coffee brewers are designed to operate in most areas of the country. For high altitude use, over 4000 feet, models with a “D” designation should be used.

      • Accessories: BUNN offers a complete line of brewer accessories. Visit  www.BunnAtHome.com  to order parts and accessories or call the BUNN At Home Division at 1-800-352-BUNN (2866).


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