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K2 WWW Rocker Snowboard Features

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    • WWW:

      Mad lines and original art define the 2010-11 K2 World Wide Weapon™ (WWW) snowboard. Diecut ptex topsheet lays over freakshow ogres, beastly fiends and modern mayhem. The JIBTIP/JIB ROCKER combo is evidence of the urban madness built into the WWW – allowing riders to shrink a board size without compromising edge control or pressing prowess. Inspired, tested and proven for park anarchy, WWW is stricken with a violent addiction to freestyle progression.

    • Baseline: Jib Rocker™:

      Jib Rocker is a versatile twin Rocker built to dominate the park. Just enough rise in the tip and tail to create a loose, buttery feel on all types of terrain. Contact points stay well off the snow until engaged – eliminating edge hook while maintaining fun pop.

    • Construction: Jib Tip™:

      Our Jib Tip design integrates a longer effective edge with shorter nose and tail, allowing you to drop down 5 cm in board size without losing the stability of a longer board. Perfecting jibs, butters, flips, and spins has never been easier.

    • Glass:


    • Shape:

      Twin Tip, Dual Hyper Progressive

    • Core:

      W1™ Core


K2 WWW Rocker Snowboard Specs

  WWW Rocker 145 cm WWW Rocker 148 cm WWW Rocker 152 cm WWW Rocker 153W cm WWW Rocker 156W cm
Size 145 cm 148 cm 152 cm 153W cm 156W cm
Weight Range 90 - 160 lbs. 100 - 170 lbs. 120 - 200 lbs. 140 - 230 lbs. 150 - 220+ lbs.
Sidecut Radius 8 m 8.2 m 8.4 m 8.4 m 8.6 m
Effective Edge 1152.2 mm 1177.6 mm 1228.4 mm 1228.4 mm 1253.8 mm
Waist Width 243 mm 246 mm 249 mm 261 mm 264 mm
Nose Width 282.4 mm 286.2 mm 292.3 mm 303.8 mm 307.5 mm
Tail Width 282.4 mm 286.2 mm 292.3 mm 303.8 mm 307.5 mm
Stance Width 530 mm 530 mm 560 mm 560 mm 560 mm


K2 WWW Rocker Snowboard Gallery

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