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K2 VVV Rocker Snowboard Features

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    • VVV:

      The evolution of freestyle fun with JIB ROCKER. By Adding K2's JIB Rocker to this already Jib-tastic board we've blown the sweet spot wide open! The JIB Rocker gives you game whether you're pressing boxes, stepping up to street rails or just buttering across the flats. Forgiving and catch-free, freestyle perfection has never been MORE FUN!

    • Baseline: Jib Rocker™:

      Jib Rocker is a versatile twin Rocker built to dominate the park. Just enough rise in the tip and tail to create a loose, buttery feel on all types of terrain. Contact points stay well off the snow until engaged – eliminating edge hook while maintaining fun pop.

    • Construction: Jib Tip™:

      Our Jib Tip design integrates a longer effective edge with shorter nose and tail, allowing you to drop down 5 cm in board size without losing the stability of a longer board. Perfecting jibs, butters, flips, and spins has never been easier.

    • Glass:

      Biax Top & Base

    • Shape:

      Twin Tip, Dual Progressive

    • Core:



K2 VVV Rocker Snowboard Specs

  VVV Rocker 135 cm VVV Rocker 139 cm VVV Rocker 143 cm
Size 135 cm 139 cm 143 cm
Weight Range 80 - 130 lbs. 80 - 130 lbs. 90 - 140 lbs.
Sidecut Radius 7.4 m 7.6 m 7.8 m
Effective Edge 1101.4 mm 1126.8 mm 1152.2 mm
Waist Width 234 mm 236 mm 238 mm
Nose Width 272.8 mm 275.6 mm 278.4 mm
Tail Width 272.8 mm 275.6 mm 278.4 mm
Stance Width 460 mm 480 mm 505 mm


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