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Salomon Salomonder Snowboard Features

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    • Create and Destroy:

      Graphics, flat profile, Easy Press Core, No Chip Tips and sturdy construction hand selected by Pro riders Jed Anderson and Chris Grenier.

    • No Chip Tips:

      No Chip Tips turn blown out edges into a thing of the past with Aluminum’s beefy protection for your nose and tail.

    • Easy Press Core:

      Manhandle rails and ledges with a flex that is as soft as it can get. Chris Grenier and Jed Anderson have put the Easy Press Core to the testin cities far and wide. It’s a core that you can flex, without stacking up a pile of snapped decks.

    • Royal Rubber Rails:

      Royal Rubber absorbs shock and protects your edges. We insert 4mm of soft Royal Rubber into the high pressure zones for low stress landings and a smooth ride.

    • True Twin:

      Freestyle Specific: Identical tip/tail lengths and shapes, symmetrical core profiling, flex and a centered binding stance.

    • Expression Bubble:

      A spot to write your thoughts – if you have any.

    • Equalizer:

      Equalizer’s straight lines evenly distribute pressure along your edge, for easy edge hold.


Salomon Salomonder Snowboard Tech Videos

  • Salomonder
  • Chris Grenier Profile
  • Summer of Salomon
  • Easy Press Core
  • Equalizer
  • No Chip Tips


Salomon Salomonder Snowboard Specs

  Salomonder 151 cm Salomonder 154 cm
Size 151 cm 154 cm
Weight Range 100 - 150 lbs. 125 - 175 lbs.
Sidecut Radius 7.6 m 7.8 m
Effective Edge 1170 mm 1200 mm
Waist Width 250 mm 256 mm
Nose Width 190 mm 190 mm
Tail Width 190 mm 190 mm
Stance Width 626 mm 646 mm


Salomon Salomonder Snowboard Gallery

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