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K2 Maysis Snowboarding Boot Features

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    • Clean Performance:

      Only a year young, the Maysis™ turned heads last season – raising the bar for style while holding down K2’s tradition of excellence. This year is no different as Maysis maintains the clean, textured aesthetic it’s known for. With a perfect out-of-the-box fit and a lighter, HARSHMELITE outsole, the difference for 10/11 is palpable. Two Boa® reels manage custom fit – one for the internal K2 CONDA liner, the other dials in the shell. HARSHMELLOW footbeds dampen the speedbumps.

    • Intuition™ Control-Foam 3D Thermo-form Ultralon® Liner:

      Aegis Anti Microbial

      For 2010, K2 Snowboarding and Intuition™ continue to evolve the most comfortable and best performance-driven boot liners in the world. Using Ultralon® EVA, a patented foam developed specifically to be lightweight, moldable, flexible and durable for riders at all skill levels, the Ultralon™ thermo-forming foam is designed to be more resistant to pressure-related “packing out.” This year’s designs have been enhanced with new internal and external heel hold systems and refined constructions for the perfect fit and performance.

    • Liner Lacing:

      Biax Top & Base

    • K2 Boa® CONDA System:

      The patented K2 CONDA System allows you to tighten, loosen or adjust your liner on-the-fly – from outside of the boot! The first time you try this, you’ll wonder how you ever rode without it.

      How it works: Whether attached to a Boa® reel or part of our new K2 Conda closure system, the CONDA minimized harness is securely built into the shell of the boot and tightens around the liner to lock your foot in position. Focus is on the superior ankle support and heel hold. The harness lace is threaded through a floating tongue lace guide, allowing riders to customize fit for maximum comfort.

    • 3D Formed EVA with Harshmellow:

      A thick layer of Harshmellow synthetic polymer, designed to absorb impact and shock associated with stomping landings.

    • Sole:

      New Phy-Pods with Harshmellow.

    • Shell Lacing:

      Boa® H2 Coiler


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