Sport Chalet - Salomon XW Storm Ski w/ Z11 Binding Product Demo

Salomon XW Storm Ski w/ Z11 Binding Features

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    • Monocoque:

      Single layer of fibers for comfort, response and maneuverability.

    • Woodcore:

      Addition of wood in the core for stability on snow and rebound as well as smooth ski to snow contact and filters vibrations.

    • Oversized PULSEPAD:

      The antivibration layer molded into the ski all along the front part of the ski to filter vibrations for better absorption and smooth ski/snow contact.

    • 3D Stealth Tip:

      Vertical extension of the 3D Stealth Tip for All Mountain skiing. The lower shaped shovel has a flat contact angle to the snow, allowing the ski to rollover various terrain and keep the front of the ski calm and smooth.


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