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    • Aftershock Men’s All Mountain Skis:

      K2’s all-new 2010-11 A.M.P. Aftershock is the widest and most versatile, expert all-mountain ski in the A.M.P series. Taking over where the award winning Apache Xplorer ski left off, the Aftershock ski increases in width and includes All-Terrain Rocker for added versatility in softer snow conditions. Despite growing in width, you will be shocked by its precision and accuracy on firmer snow conditions due to the Metal Laminate Hybritech Sidewall construction. If you want one high performance ski for soft snow and firmer resort conditions, look no further than the K2 Aftershock.

    • Hybritech Sidewalls:

      This wider-waisted construction combines the accuracy and power performance of sidewall underfoot with the lightweight and smooth turn initiation of cap construction. Offered exclusively on the Side series, Hybritech makes skis strong, accurate and powerful underfoot, while maintaining smooth initiation and easy exits from turns.

    • Marker K2/MX System:

      Working in conjunction with the integrated hubs, the Marker K2/MX provides unmatched precision and control on our highest-end A.M.P. models. The system uses Marker’s Inter-Pivot Heel technology and new light-weight Triple-Pivot Comfort MX toe for an even wider footprint than the previous MX. This new toe comes with a cross mounted spring, stainless steel AFD and backward release function.

    • Integrated Hub Technology:

      Most precise transmission of power on wider skis Titanal hubs are imbedded into the core of the ski for the most direct transmission of power. The system hubs are functionally wider with a 50mm footprint, which decreases the distance between the binding and the edge of the ski for added performance.

    • Men’s Specific Mod Structure:

      The shape of the secondary elastomeric core has been sculpted to distribute mass in ways that ensure the smoothest ride. Overall the MOD is thickest toward the center of the ski to insulate the skier from vibrations and tapers toward the tip and tail to minimize swing weight making the skis easier to maneuver. The optimum location and thickness of mass differs from men to women reflected in the different MOD shapes for our A.M.P. and T:Nine series of skis. The men’s MOD structure distributes the mass of the secondary core increasing torsional rigidity through its X shape MOD design and perimeter mass for increased edge hold.

    • Men’s Specific Mod Monic:

      Although the precise location of the MOD Monic’s strategic mass dampening is consistent between our men and women’s models, the amount of focused mass is different. Through extensive testing with members of our ATD, we have determined the optimal MOD Monic mass on our Apache series that helps dampen vibrations for a smoother ride. The redesigned men’s MOD Monic also has a new X shape that further compliments the X shaped MOD structure.

    • Metal Laminate Technology:

      With two sheets of lightweight titanium alloy running the length of the ski, metal laminate skis are the highest performing and most complex constructions available from K2. Built from the base up, this construction consists of alternating layers of fiberglass and titanium above and below the wood core. Metal laminates provide damp, accurate, unshakable performance, ideal for expert level all-mountain skis.

    • Progressive Sidecut:

      Progressive sidecut is a combination of two different radii, or sidecuts, that enhances the versatility of wider waisted skis. Standard sidecut theory is based on using a single radius. This works great on narrower skis, but becomes overpowering on wider skis, especially in variable conditions. The use of progressive sidecut on wider-waist skis guarantees improved turn initiation and hard-snow performance. All of our women’s skis are built with the sidecut shifted two centimeters forward relative to the standard sidecut for a men’s ski. This accommodates the anatomical fact that the center of mass for a woman is generally much lower than that of a man. Shifting the sidecut forward places the center of mass of the average woman in an optimum position over the ski for more control and easier turn initiation.

    • All-Terrain Rocker:

      Featuring an elevated tip for variable and soft snow performance and camber underfoot for power, energy and edge-hold in firmer conditions.


K2 Aftershock Ski All Terrain Rocker

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