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Head Edge+ 10.5 Ski Boot Features

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    • Tech Chart:

      Last: 104mm

      Sizes: 220-230-235...-275

    • Shell, Flex Index, and Skill:

      Shell: SL

      Flex Index: 70/60

      Skill: Advanced skiers

    • Liner:

      Women's HeatFit with fleece lining, Sanitized®, women's self shaping footbed, prepared for heating system.

    • Buckles:

      4 micro-adjustable alloy buckles, 2 double power buckles, 1 supermacro ratchet, 30mm velcro strap.

    • Double Canting Ankle Rivet:
    • Adjustable Spine:

      Stiffer/Softer flex adjustment, stabilizer frame, double adjustable profile.

    • Supported Heel: SoftWalk Heel + Grip system, women specific supportive heel option, adjustable wedge arch support.


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