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Tecnica Viva 80 Air Ski Boot Features

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    • Air Shell Custom Fit Technology:

      Air Shell is a Custom Fit technology that uses air pumped into bladders that are located between the shell and the liner.

    • Air Shell Independent Fit Zones:

      There are two zones that can be inflated or deflated for a custom fit: one zone customizes the forefoot and the other customizes the heel fit and hold.

    • Air Shell Pumps:

      Using the pumps located on the rear spine, you can inflate and deflate the air bladders whenever and wherever, on the fly, with no tools.

    • Viva Flared Scalloped Calf with Calf Adapter Construction:

      The upper collar of the liner is scalloped and flared. A V shape on the side of the collar allows the collar to give. The combination of these features offers a wide range of fit capabilities for various lower leg shapes.

    • Easy Move Cuff Catch and 3 Position Cuff Catches:

      The upper cuff catch can be moved, tool free, to three different positions. The upper 2 catches can also be moved using a tool provided. This allows the upper closure around the lower leg to be moved to fit various lower leg sizes.

    • 3 Density Construction:

      3 Density Construction is a construction process that uses 2 types of plastic injected into three different zones to ensure easy entry and exit, precision performance and a consistent flex.

    • Delta Force Flex System:

      The Delta Force is a flex adjustment system that utilizes three components to deliver a smooth, consistent flex in two settings.

    • Cuff Alignment:

      Cuff alignment allows you to adjust the cuff to align to the shape of your lower leg. This offers personalization for the best comfort and performance.

    • Carbon Steel Buckles:

      Lightweight and strong, the carbon steel buckles ensure a solid closure and consistent wrap.

    • Fur Lining:

       Adds additional comfort and warmth.

    • Viva Heel Cradle:

      The Viva Heel cradle can be snapped onto the boot board for those female skiers who have difficulty keeping their hips forward. It will also act as a volume reducer for those needing added heel hold.

    • Attiva Primaloft®:

      The insulating layer Primaloft® offers fast drying and great breathability. It consists of very fine soft multi-diameter fibers that are compressible like goose feathers, do not absorb water and keep the foot warm even when damp. This is all achieved thanks to its capacity to retain body heat despite its ultra-light weight. The Primaloft® technology has been extended to the whole toe box area, which is particularly cold-sensitive.


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