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Odyssey ProType PT 82 Putters Overview

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    • The Putter That Conquered Augusta!:

      Phil Mickelson - “I’m very excited that the designers at Odyssey have produced this putter with the same design as my gamer. Tournaments are won and lost on the green, which is why I rely on Odyssey technology. Our design team gives me the best chances to win. Odyssey’s winning results on Tour are a testament to their engineering capabilities.”

    • Limited Edition:

      Only 2500 available in the U.S.

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    • White Ice® Insert:

      The multi-layer insert is fine-tuned to enhance sound, responsiveness, resiliency and consistency. The inner core is 19.6% firmer to enhance the feel and 92% stiffer for better resiliency, leading to consistent distance control. The face surface has been roughened to enhance the sound at impact with softer golf balls. The rough texture also helps increase friction between the ball and the insert to promote forward roll.

    • Classic Styling:

      The sleek blade has a single sightline the runs from the face to the back flange to subtly aid with alignment for better accuracy.

    • Milled Tungsten Insert:

      Placed behind the face to ensure precise weight and feel to meet the exacting demands of Phil Mickelson for premium performance.


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ProType PT 82

ProType PT 82


Odyssey ProType PT 82 Putters Specs

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