Whirlpool - Duet® High-Efficiency Fabric Care System Product Demo

Duet® High-Efficiency Fabric Care System Features

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    • Precision Dispense Ultra:

      Precision Dispense Ultra, part of 6th Sense™ Technology, adds detergent over the course of the Duet® washer’s fill time, then monitors wash conditions throughout the cycle and repeats detergent dosing if necessary. So clothes get just the right amount of clean.

    • Quiet Spin 360:

      Noisy wash cycles are a thing of the past thanks to 6th Sense™ Technology. With Quiet Spin 360, the Duet® washer senses off-balance loads, then self-adjusts so the wash basket stays centered. That means amazingly quiet washing every time.

    • Adaptive Wash Actions:

      6th Sense™ technology on the Duet® washer uses adaptive wash actions that adjust to the cleaning needs of each load. These 16 wash actions provide a powerful combination of deep cleaning and gentle fabric care. And take the guesswork out of getting the best clean for your clothes.

    • Advanced Moisture Sensing:

      The 6th Sense™ Technology inside the Duet® dryer uses built-in sensors to monitor air temperatures and moisture levels throughout the drying cycle. When everything is appropriately dry, it automatically shuts off—saving time and energy.

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    • Laundry Apps:

      Have a question about getting out a tough stain? Not sure what cycle you should use? Find the answer on your Duet® pair! Its built-in suite of laundry apps gives you practical answers to common laundry questions. There’s even a Before You Call section that answers technical questions about how your Duet® pair works.

    • SilentSteel™ Drum:

      Say goodbye to the noisy clanking of metal buttons and zippers inside your dryer. The Duet® dryer’s SilentSteel™ Drum features a unique sound-dampening laminate that helps absorb noise as it tumbles.


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