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Little Wonder® 14HP TruckLoader: Sales Training Intro

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Little Wonder® 14HP TruckLoader: Sales Training Performance

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    • Improved Material Flow:

      Reverse curve S-shape and integrated pull ring design allows improved material flow.

    • Compacts Material:

      Proven and patented Talon™ shredder ring compacts material as it enters the housing.

      Depending on the condition of the leaves, it will reduce the volume by up to 12 times. This allows you to carry more leaves which mean fewer trips to the waste drop off.

    • Scrolled Housing:

      Scrolled housing means:

      • More airflow
      • Increased suction
      • Better compaction
    • Powerful Airflow:

      Powered by an advanced efficient fan.

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    • Boom Arm:

      Double hanger means better support in critical approach area on smaller units.

    • Polyethylene Discharge Chute:

      A larger radius discharge curve means better performance due to a higher velocity of airflow. The lighter, easier to handle replaceable liner lasts longer.


Little Wonder® 14HP TruckLoader: Sales Training Convenience

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    • Pickup Tube & Handle:

      Is easy to maneuver and to control. Gives you a variety of grip positions due to the ergonomic design of the handle.

    • Easy Intake Hose Connection:
      • Quick to install and to remove
      • 8” diameter intake hose
      • Long lasting polyurethane material
      • Abrasion resistant
      • Flexible
      • Steel coil wrap to prevent collapse
    • Engine Shutoff:

      Engine shutdown switch activates by removing hose.

    • Multiple Mounting Options:

      All mounts plug into base unit, which is compact and flexible so that it can be mounted where it is most convenient for you.

      • Receiver Hitch Mount is efficient and easy to manage
      • Tailgate mount mounts high and keeps receiver open
      • Swing Away Mount for one-man unloading operation
      • Standard Skid Mount can be bolted to your trailer



Little Wonder® 14HP TruckLoader: Sales Training Maintenance

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    • Replaceable Housing Liner:

      Housing liner wears better than iron and absorbs noise.

    • Replaceable Chute Liner:

      Discharge chute liner extends life.

    • Easy to Service:

      Hinged front panel opens 180 degrees allowing access to remove fan or replace liner. Common hardware can be used so one tool opens housing, and removes discharge chute. That hardware is a 1/2" socket.

    • Easy to Maintain:

      Low oil sensor, remote oil drain and dual stage air cleaner – make it easy to maintain and protect your machine.


Little Wonder® 14HP TruckLoader: Sales Training Specs

Engine Type 14HP Subaru EX 40
Mount Swing-Away, Receiver Hitch, Tailgate
Weight (pounds) 225
Fuel Capacity (gal.) 1.85
Reduction Mechanism Talon Shredding Ring
Impeller 5 blade, 14" diameter, 1/4" steel, S curve radial tip, welded, balanced
Housing Liner 4-ply rubber conveyor belt material
Intake Nozzle 8” diameter,1 handle
Intake Hose 8" x 10'
Hitch Class Requirement Class III Hitch required for optional swing-away mount


Little Wonder® 14HP TruckLoader: Sales Training Advantages

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    • Legendary Performance

    • Commercial level quality and performance.

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    • Powerful Engines

    • 14HP Subaru EX 40

      • A commercial grade engine with chain driven overhead cam
      • Features a low oil sensor and a dual stage air cleaner
      • Easy to pull recoil start
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    • Product Integrity & Quality

      • The clear 8” intake hose is a flexible urethane that is abrasion resistant, tear resistant and smooth on the inside for the best material flow.
      • Our steel five-blade shredding Talon™ ring, combined with an advanced impeller design, offer the highest debris reduction ratio available of any debris loaders on the market.
      • The scrolled housing design is unique to Little Wonder. It means more airflow, increased suction, better compaction and ultimately less clogging.
      • The larger radius curve of the discharge chute creates better performance, lasts longer and is easier to maintain.
      • The discharge chute is made of polyethylene which is 50% lighter than steel.
      • The boom arm is a double hanger for better support.
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    • Durability

      • Housing liner wears better than iron; absorbs noise
      • New materials are lighter, stronger, abrasion resistant
      • Discharge chute liner extends life
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    • Unmatched Operator Comfort

      • The intake hose is lightweight and easy to maneuver.
      • The handle design on the hose increases operator comfort.
      • The engine has low effect recoil starting.
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    • Available Accessories

      • Receiver Hitch Mount
      • Tailgate Mount
      • Swing-Away Mount
      • 5" x 5" Steel Discharge Chute
      • 6' Discharge Chute Extension Hose
      • Discharge Chute Deflector
  • Specification 7

    • Industry Leading Warranty

    • The Little Wonder Shredding TruckLoader is guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship for a period of TWO YEARS from date of purchase.  Any Little Wonder Shredding TruckLoader or part found to be defective within the warranty period is to be returned to any registered Little Wonder dealer.

      Engines for all gasoline powered products are warranted separately by the engine manufacturer. Therefore, there are no warranties made, expressed or implied, for engines for gasoline powered products by Little Wonder.

  • Specification 8

    • Dealer Friendly

      • Online registration, warranty, and parts lookup
      • Retail financing options available
      • Point of purchase material
      • Apparel program with hats, shirts, mugs, pens and other logo items are available to thank your customers


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