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Keekaroo® Café Booster Seat™ Intro

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Keekaroo® Café Booster Seat™ Features

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    • Squeezability:

      The Keekaroo Café Booster is the ultimate in comfort. The soft to the touch exterior is squeezably soft. This allows your child to sit comfortably during mealtime or anytime!

    • Belts:

      A 3-point safety belt is included to keep your child safe and secure while seated. Attachment straps are also included to attach the Café Booster to any chair.

    • JPMA Certified:

      The Keekaroo Café Booster is JPMA certified to the highest ASTM standards.

    • Portable:

      The Café Booster is your portable seating solution. Use the attachment straps as a carry strap or use the carry handle on the seat itself. Perfect for trips to grandma's or an evening out to dinner.

    • Easy to Clean:

      The Café Boosters are easy to clean, easy to use toddler booster seats that can be used with most dining room chairs. Just wipe clean with mild soap and warm water. Café Boosters are impermeable to liquids so your children can spill food and drinks and the mess will remain on the surface. They have been tested by the messiest eaters!

    • Peel and Tear Resistant:

      The Café Boosters are peel and tear resistant. Even the toughest little ones can't break the Café Booster down.

    • Environmentally Friendly:

      Proudly Made in the USA, Café Boosters are made with BPA-Free and Latex-Free materials.

    • Colors:

      Keekaroo Café Boosters are available in several vibrant colors to match your décor.

    • Unmatched Durability:

      Keekaroo's design was tested in the medical/special needs market. The Café Booster passed all standards for this field.

    • High-Back Posture:

      The High-Back aides in proper posture for your child.

    • High Side Walls:

      High Side walls provide additional support for children and help keep proper posture.

    • Non-Slip Texture on Bottom:

      The Café Booster will keep your child sitting comfortably and safely with the skid resistant textured bottom and security straps, making it easy to use on any chair.


Keekaroo® Café Booster Seat™ Colors

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Keekaroo® Café Booster Seat™ Squeezable!

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Keekaroo® Café Booster Seat™ Instructions

  • Attach to Chair

    Attach both straps, the longer strap goes under the chair seat and the shorter around the back. Tighten until snug.

  • Handle

    After removing from a chair, use the strap holes of the Café Booster as handles.

  • Carrying Strap

    Using the long strap, reconnect and use as a carrying strap off the shoulder.

  • Proper Positioning

    When sitting in the seat, your child's back should be supported by the high back. This positioning will position the child into booster correctly.

  • Use of 3 Point Harness

    Once in the seat, connect the 3 point harness and adjust it snuggly to your child.

  • Proper Cleaning

    Easily wiped with mild soap and warm water. While impermeable to liquids, DO NOT submerge into water because of the air vent in back.


Keekaroo® Café Booster Seat™ Specs

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    • Café Booster Specs

      • Inner Seat: 10” x 10”
      • Outer Seat: 13.5” x 13.5”
      • Raised Height: 4”
      • Total Booster Height: 7”

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Where is the Café Booster made?
      In the USA. Keekaroo is based in the same small upstate NY town it was founded in. We employ the friends and family that our founders grew up with. We bring in craftsmen from the area in all fields as part of the hand crafted design. Employing workers in the USA is one of Keekaroo’s proudest accomplishments. All Comfort Cushions, Infant Inserts and Café Booster Seats are proudly Made in the USA. From office to design to labor, we are ensuring our small town is provided for now and in the future by manufacturing in the heart of Upstate New York.

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    • What are your boosters made from?
      Polyurethane polymer. This polymer is chemically inert, meaning it does not react with other chemicals and can be buried in landfills without consequences to the environment. No petroleum solvents are used to manufacture Keekaroo cushions and a non-metal based organic pigment is used for coloring.

      Are harmful chemicals used in the making of the booster seat?
      Keekaroo Café Booster Seats are BPA-Free and Latex-Free to insure a safe seating solution for your child.

      How do I attach the Café Booster to a chair?
      The included attachment straps wrap around a chair and buckle behind and underneath. The skid resistant bottom helps keep the booster secure on the seat.

      How do I clean the Café Booster?
      With gentle soap and warm water. The Café Booster can be safely wiped clean with mild disinfectants/detergents. Do not submerge the Café Booster seat in water.

      Will the Café Booster peel or tear?
      The Café Booster is peel and tear resistant. It was originally tested in the Special Needs market for durability and long lasting use.



Keekaroo® Café Booster Seat™ BRU Inline - Chocolate

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Keekaroo® Café Booster Seat™ BRU Inline - Cherry

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